‘Mass Effect’ rumored as the upcoming EA ‘HD title’


Mass Effect is on the rumor mill today as publisher Electronic Arts announced 14 games for this fiscal year.

Among those is an “HD title”, which fans speculate is a remaster of the original Bioware trilogy. In EA’s recent fiscal results conference, the game publisher listed their upcoming lineup.

These 14 games will release as far as March 2021, many of which go unnamed. Mass Effect is a game everyone expects to come out soon. Electronic Arts is looking to gain steam with its extensive library of different titles.

Rumors of EA ‘HD Title’ say it’s the ME trilogy

Among the 14 announced titles, EA specified a few titles that will get a definite release. These titles include the publisher’s annual sports games, including NHL, Madden, and FIFA. There are also recently announced titles on the horizon like Command and Conquer Remastered.

In the list are also other titles from EA’s partner program, which are experimental and indie in nature. Among the vague updates include “some new IP” and an “EA HD title.”

Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb, however, said with confidence that the “HD title” is Mass Effect. He even tweeted to get some attention to it.

“Oh, and that HD remaster of an EA game is the Mass Effect Trilogy,” Grubb said. “Just don’t expect that to also launch on Switch — at least not at first.”

The report has zero evidence to back it up so far. Grubb likely is trying to tweet the rumor into existence. Mass Effect ended in 2012 in a whimper rather than boom. The original trilogy went out with a controversial ending nobody enjoyed.

Mass Effect remaster likely to boost new installment

Fans of the IP are looking to scratch the itch left by the trilogy from almost a decade ago. The third game’s end was underwhelming, and the spinoff Andromeda was horrendous. Andromeda was so bad that it destroyed what little confidence fans had with the franchise.

Even then, everything should be fine.

In 2019, a report announced that a new installment into the ME franchise is in “very early development.” Reports say the development is happening at Bioware Edmonton and headed by series producer Mike Gamble.

The possibility of a remaster can help propel the new IP forward. An HD remaster of the trilogy can help warm up potential new players to the lore. This move creates a new crop of hype for the once-beloved franchise going to the latest installment release.

Whatever EA does, a new Mass Effect game will give an exciting fix for the fans waiting.

Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts/Official Website

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