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‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ Remaster rumors ignite once again


The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the most popular series from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era. Now, it seems like we’ll be getting these games pretty soon on current-gen platforms as well.

Bioware’s Mass Effect series might be dead today, but fans still want to relive the game’s glory days. By that, they want a complete collection of the Mass Effect Trilogy on current-gen consoles. Fans who have been wishing for that might just get their wish as per a recently leaked listing.

Trilogy collection found

Listings for the game’s collection have been found on a Portuguese website. It doesn’t have a box art yet, but it does have a logo featuring the collection’s title. If this is indeed real, then fans of the franchise have something to look forward to in the future.

A collection featuring the three games will most likely be well-received. The trilogy is known for its story-telling and connectedness throughout the games. A trilogy collection has been released before, but it was for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Fans have long requested for this trilogy from Bioware, even more so because Mass Effect Andromeda was a complete failure by fans’ standards.

What is the game about?

The Mass Effect Trilogy is a sci-fi epic that spans three games. In it, players control the leader of a space crew. The game features intense shooting action played via a 3rd-person view. However, it’s not the action that players are often looking forward to.

In the game, decisions play a huge part in the story. Commander Shepard’s decisions will affect the direction of the story. It can even lead to the death of some of the members on his team. The decisions of the player will be reflected in the other entries in the series.

Of the games in the series, fans have a huge liking to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. While the third game was great, fans didn’t like how Bioware handled the ending. Basically, decisions didn’t really matter by the ending of the trilogy.

Fans are hoping that the Mass Effect Trilogy collection is indeed real. Mass Effect Andromeda was a commercial flop because of its shortcomings. Since then, the series has been put on hold. Having a trilogy collection increased might rekindle the series’ flames once again. Hopefully, we hear from EA soon, as fans are already riled up after months of rumors.

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