‘Master Chief Collection’ will not be including ‘Halo 5’

Master Chief Collection launch trailer snapshot

Despite a label that seems to insinuate a compilation of all existing Halo titles to date, the Master Chief Collection will, sadly, not be including Halo 5 as part of the compendium.

When the word that the Halo series is getting a remaster for PC, many were ecstatic at the prospect of playing some console-exclusive titles on modern hardware. Especially, perhaps, those who never get to experience the games themselves for not having the appropriate “Xbox” console. I can imagine a majority of Japanese consumers fitting the description.

Appealing PC experience prospect

Japanese people aside, though, folks, in general, are simply more likely to own a computer nowadays than an old Xbox or Xbox 360 console. Even those who do are unlikely to be playing on them still unless they are the kind to have a thing for nostalgia.

But, mainly, individuals would simply have the curiosity to experience a franchise they may have not. Which, at the time, was the hotbed of competition among gamers. Thus, playing the series in a single collective package makes a lot of sense as far as the ease of it.

“Halo 5” excluded

However, that dream to get involved in the entire mainline Halo franchise would become a single title short. This notion comes from a statement from 343 Industries which confirms that Halo 4 would be the last entry in the MCC.

In the latest blog whose entirety covers topics that pertain to the franchise, the developer dropped the message with this phrase:

“Sorry to crush your Halo 5 in MCC dreams.”

Not remaster-worthy, yet

To be fair with 343 Industries, though, it’s quite evident why the developers are choosing to drop Halo 5 from the MCC. For a 2015 title, the game is not what many would consider as dated when it comes to presentation. Any game, in fact, that was produced during the time of the Xbox One is not technically out of date.

Although some games can indeed look ugly as a 2015 title, that is mostly an issue with bad design. More importantly, that is not necessarily a case with Halo 5. A game whose franchise, time and time again, has been pushing the envelope when it comes to graphics.

While it would have been favorable to just include Halo 5 as part of the deal regardless, but, at the end of the day, it’s just business with its developers. The time and effort to put the current final entry in the series may not be worth the time it will take—a time which the company would otherwise allocate and dedicate to other more fruitful endeavors.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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