Master ‘Valorant’ with these tips

In a surprise announcement, Riot Games finally reveals the release date of Valorant, and it’s on June 2. A lot of players have already gotten their hands on the game for a while now, so others will be at a disadvantage.

Valorant is a mix of Overwatch and CS: GOLike the titles it is often compared to, the game is highly competitive, and winning takes a lot of effort. Before the game launches, it’s important that players read through our tips and tricks for mastering the game.

Pick a hero and weapon to master

There are a lot of agents to choose from in the game, and players need to understand that these characters and their skills will define the victors of the match. Before players jump into the game, it’s important to find an agent they are comfortable with first.

Of course, it’s not enough for players to master an agent as the weapons can make or break a team as well. There are several SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and other weapon types to choose from. Each comes with its own pros and cons, so it’s best to find a weapon that players are comfortable handling.

Luckily, there’s a practice area in the game that players can use to practice an agent’s abilities, as well as some of the weapons in the game.

Objectives are important but so are kills

The common mistake that players make in Valorant is undermining the importance of getting kills in the game. Although it’s important to place or diffuse the spike, getting kills is just as important. In the game, players don’t respawn once they die in the round. This means the enemy team can be at a disadvantage if their members begin dropping like flies.

Comms are key

The competitive nature of the game leads to some intense moments. At these intense moments, having communication with other players is the key to victory. Whether it’s setting up plays using the abilities of the agents or shouting the location of an enemy, a headset is just as important as a mouse and keyboard in the game.

Spice up plays

If matches get truly heated, players will play through over 15 rounds to find a winner. To win a majority of the rounds, it’s important for players to shake up their plays every once in a while. Finding new spots to place bombs or new shortcuts to flank enemies can turn the tide of the entire match easily.

Valorant is almost out, and new players are expected to flock the game soon. With these tips and tricks, the playing field may get leveled even for a bit.


Image used courtesy of Ev. Safronov/Shutterstock

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