‘MasterChef Australia’ cheeky moments and what the judges really are like

'MasterChef Australia' cheeky moments and what the judges really are like

MasterChef Australia premiered on TV this month with new judges. And the newly eliminated chef, Ben Milbourne, has something to say about them.

Milbourne told HuffPost Australia that there are a lot of things going around in MasterChef Australia that are not aired on TV. It’s not in a negative way though.

Milbourne, who was the third to be eliminated from the show, revealed that there are actually a lot of fun moments with the judges.

Viewers just don’t get to see it as much though because of the show’s focus on serious cooking challenges.

The judges off-camera

Milbourne described Melissa Leong, Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen as “really funny people.” He also shared that when the cameras aren’t rolling, the three hosts take the time to get to know the contestants.

He said that they hang out with the contestants and they get the chance to know each other better.

“Apart from the actual cook time where everyone is really serious, the only way you can actually fill in the day is by joking around and having fun,” the Ben’s Menu host said.

Milbourne also gave Zonfrillo a special mention. He said that the Scottish celebrity chef has been particularly a great source of humor and banter on the set.

And Milbourne thinks it’s because of Zonfrillo’s long working experience in intense kitchens. It’s as if he knows what it’s like to cook with pressure so he uses his humor to break the intensity whenever he can. He is also very good at it.

Backlash on Leong

Despite the warm aura in the show, negative comments cannot be avoided. Leong recently received backlash from viewers.

There are some who are not really fans of her critiquing of food, behavior on set and even her attires on the show.

Contestant Harry Foster defended the female judged though. The most recently eliminated contestant shared that Leong is his favorite judge by far.

“She’s a queen, I love her,” he said. “She is energetic, passionate and really just vibrant.”

He also revealed that working with the trio in the MasterChef kitchen was “refreshing” and that they were really “enthusiastic” about the show.

The positive feedback

It can be recalled that MasterChef Australia: Back to Win received a good feedback when it premiered on Channel 10.

The network made a gamble when they rebooted the cooking competition show and placed in a new set of judges.

They replaced Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris who have been the hosts of the show for a decade.

‘MasterChef Australia: Back To Win’ airs 7:30pm on Channel 10.

Featured image courtesy of 10 Insider/YouTube screenshot

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