Matthew Perry having second thoughts about marrying Molly Hurwitz: Rumor

Matthew Perry is, allegedly, having second thoughts about marrying his fiancé, Molly Hurwitz.

According to National Enquirer, Hurwitz was the first to express her desire to postpone or even cancel her upcoming wedding to Matthew Perry.

And when the Friends star heard what she had to say, he, allegedly, started spiraling out of control. Now, his co-stars in the hit sitcom are worried that he would relapse and start drinking again.

Matthew Perry flirted with another woman

According to a source, Hurwitz and Perry started doubting each other after a woman claimed that the actor contacted her on a dating app. At the time, Perry and Hurwitz broke up.

“Now, Molly doesn’t want to marry Matthew. She swears it has nothing to do with this new embarrassment – but the timing is very telling. It’s got to be upsetting for her to know Matthew was pursuing other girls the moment they were broken up. Basically, Molly wants them to dial it back a little, have time to breathe and reconnect, then see where they’re at by the end of the summer. Matthew’s crushed and super worried about the future, though,” the source said.

Matthew Perry could relapse

Matthew Perry could relapse

The insider added that Perry managed to take good care of himself after he met Hurwitz. And when she said yes to his proposal, the actor became inspired to lose at least 50 pounds.

However, since there are rumors that their engagement might get officially called off, friends of Matthew Perry are worried that this would affect his health negatively.

“He feels bad – but he doesn’t see why he should be punished for something he did while they were on a break. It was a lapse of judgment, contacting that girl, but he was feeling lonesome. He’s always loved Molly. Now, there’s a sense of sadness in their home,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Hurwitz and Perry are planning to postpone their wedding.

It also not true that Matthew Perry isn’t taking good care of himself. The actor has never looked better in recent months.

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