Matthew Perry kicked Molly Hurwitz out of his home after she asked for space: Rumor


Matthew Perry recently released a statement announcing that his wedding to Molly Hurwitz will no longer push through.

According to Star, Matthew Perry was the one that called off the engagement.

In fact, the Friends actor even kicked Molly Hurwitz out of his home after she asked him for space.

However, Hurwitz’s decision to ask for some space wasn’t unfounded. After all, Perry reportedly messaged a woman on the dating app Raya, and they had lengthy conversations while the actor was already engaged.

Did Matthew Perry cheat on Molly Hurwitz?

When the news about Perry’s fling came out, Hurwitz couldn’t help but have serious doubts about the actor. And the doubts became so grave that Hurwitz could no longer move past them.

“By then, Molly already had one foot out the door. She didn’t think she could go through with the wedding anymore. Matt was livid. He told her to pack her bags and go,” the source said.

Matthew Perry sparks fears he could relapse

Now that Perry and Hurwitz are no longer together, the actor’s friends couldn’t help but worry about him. After all, Hurwitz was, reportedly, one of the people that encouraged the actor to take his sobriety seriously.

“They’ve seen him spiral before and a few of them are worried that history could repeat itself,” the source said.

Molly Hurwitz’s alleged reaction to her ex’s dating app ties

Meanwhile, National Enquirer also published a similar story about Matthew Perry.

A source claimed that the actor’s fling on Raya was the final straw that ended his engagement.

“That wasn’t a good look for a guy who at the time supposedly loved sick and pleading for his girlfriend to come back to him. Molly’s reaction wasn’t meant to be mean-spirited. It was practical. After that, Molly figured it was time for space and moved to another location,” the source said.

As of late, no one knows for sure why Perry and Hurwitz decided to end their engagement. After all, they have not publicly explained their split.

So, this proves that the tabloids’ claims are just based on hearsay.

And when it comes to his sobriety, Matthew Perry still seems focused on making sure that he doesn’t relapse because there have been no reports about him falling off the wagon.

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