Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc delaying ‘Friends’ filming due to fat camp stint

Jennifer Aniston shock: Actress' 'Friends' co-stars allegedly heading to 'fat camp'

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc have gained some weight and they, allegedly, need to go to “fat camp.”

According to National Enquirer, Matthew Perry and LeBlanc need to look fitter and healthier before they start filming the upcoming Friends reunion with Jennifer Aniston.

The tabloid published recent photos of Perry and LeBlanc. And there’s no denying the fact that the co-stars packed on a few pounds. But an unnamed source told the tabloid that Perry and LeBlanc are way out of shape. And they need drastic measures to improve their appearances.

“Both Matthews are way out of shape and need to take drastic measures if they have any hope of looking even remotely like their old selves in time for their fans,” the source said.

Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc weight gain 

Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc weight gain

The tabloid claimed that Perry has ballooned to 287 pounds, while LeBlanc is not, allegedly, far behind at 200 pounds. As such, there are suggestions that they should go to “fat camp” together to help with their weight-related issues.

According to the tabloid, the Friends co-stars can lose as much as five pounds per week while doing regular exercises. They will also be taught healthy life skills.

“It’s a drastic situation that calls for extreme measures – and fat camp seems the only option since both these guys are struggling to show any kind of willpower by themselves. They both need to slim down a lot to get camera-ready. The powers that be want the two Matts to look pleasing to the viewers and closer to the way they looked on the show 16 years ago,” the source said.

‘Friends’ filming will allegedly be pushed back due to Jennifer Aniston’s co-stars

The insider also said that the filming for Friends might be pushed back to November to accommodate the co-stars’ weight loss journey. Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer, allegedly, don’t mind.

“Everyone’s willing to wait so the guys have plenty of time to get in shape – because no one wants to pour them into a pair on man Spanx,” the source concluded.

However, a rep for LeBlanc already denied the claims made by the tabloid. The rep said that it isn’t true that the actor is heading to “fat camp.”

Jennifer Aniston desperately trying to help Matthew Perry

Weeks ago, photos of Perry looking disheveled surfaced online. According to Globe, Aniston is desperately trying to help her co-star get well and healthy.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Matthew Perry has been on a downward spiral since his split from Molly Hurwitz. However, the actor may have gained some weight, but he’s doing fine.

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