Matthew Perry planning a small garden wedding with Molly Hurwitz: Rumor

Matthew Perry planning a small garden wedding with Molly Hurwitz: Rumor

Matthew Perry will, allegedly, tie the knot with Molly Hurwitz this summer.

OK! magazine claimed that Matthew Perry is very grateful to Hurwitz for saving his life. As such, he’s going all out with their wedding even though it will just be held in their garden.

“They’re planning a small, casual wedding in their garden with buffet and champagne for guests to enjoy,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston will attend Matthew Perry's wedding

Jennifer Aniston will attend Matthew Perry’s wedding

Perry will also invite all his Friends co-stars to his nuptials. And Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer have all confirmed their attendance.

“He loved getting together with the old gang. They’ve surely seen Matthew at his worst, so he’s glad that they can see him as he is now,” the source said.

Matthew Perry madly in love with Molly Hurwitz

Meanwhile, the tabloid claimed that Perry decided to finally tie the knot after years of waiting for his perfect match because Hurwitz made his life easier.

“Matthew’s found happiness with a woman who adores him for who he is. He can’t wait to get married. He’s been to hell and back. He feels extremely proud to have turned his life around from rock bottom. He’s never been so content,” the source said.

Prior to his engagement, Perry was, reportedly, rushed to the hospital, where he underwent gastrointestinal surgery. He also had to stay at the hospital for three months to make sure that he would make a full recovery.

“He was headed for the grave at the rate he was going. He knew he had to get healthier if he wanted to live long and prosper. And Molly’s love definitely spurred him into action. He’s transformed mentally and physically, and it’s really down to love,” the source said.

Matthew Perry, Molly’s wedding details inaccurate

While it may be true that Perry’s recovery was inspired by his future wife, the details of the couple’s wedding aren’t accurate.

Matthew Perry announced his engagement to Hurwitz last year. However, he never dished on their wedding plans. As such, no one knows for sure when and where the wedding will be held and who will be in attendance.

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