Matthew Perry reportedly asked a pregnant woman to get drugs for him

Matthew Perry reportedly asked a pregnant woman to get drugs for him

Matthew Perry struggled with his drug addiction for years.

His friend, Kayti Edwards, recently revealed in her tell-all how Matthew Perry asked her to get his drugs while she was five months pregnant.

Matthew Perry addicted to Vicodin, heroin, cocaine

According to Globe, the Friends insisted that she is the perfect person to get all sorts of drugs for him because the cops wouldn’t stop her because she’s pregnant.

Edwards also revealed in her tell-all that Perry’s addiction was at its peak years ago. And the actor had a ravenous craving for cocaine, crack, heroin, and Vicodin.

“I was like five months pregnant, getting stuff for him. He would say, ‘No one’s going to pull over a pregnant girl. Don’t worry,’” Edwards said.

After getting Perry’s supply, Edwards said that she and the actor would open the bag and it is filled with all sorts of drugs.

“Sometimes it was pills, cocaine, sometimes it would be heroin and crack. It was a smorgasbord, you never knew what you were going to get,” she said.

Matthew Perry addicted to Vicodin, heroin, cocaine

Where is Kaytie Edwards’ tell-all?

According to Edwards, Perry used to also guilt-trip her every time she tells him that she no longer wants to be his drug mule.

The actor would tell his friend that he will be the one to get it himself. However, there’s a possibility that he could get arrested.

Looking back, Edwards couldn’t help but wonder what kind of friend she was for allowing Perry to take drugs.

But she also admitted that the actor gave her huge sums of money. And there were days when she would make between $3,000 and $4,000.

Perry, reportedly, checked himself into a rehab facility thrice. His third stint took place in 2011.

In related news, Perry just got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Molly Hurwitz.

But even before the couple ties the knot, tabloids are already speculating on their love story.

Matthew Perry, Molly Hurwitz engaged

According to New Idea, Hurwitz is the only person that managed to save Perry from his demons.

A source claimed that Perry was at an all-time low when he first met Hurwitz. And the actor’s friends were worried that he would relapse.

“Molly couldn’t have come along sooner. He credits her for saving his life and he’s probably not wrong. Everyone adores Molly, especially Matthew Perry Friends co-stars. They’re so happy he’s finally found happiness,” the source said.

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