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Max Ehrich begging Demi Lovato to take him back, texting singer nonstop: Rumor


Max Ehrich has, allegedly, been texting Demi Lovato nonstop because he’s trying to win her back.

According to OK! Magazine, Ehrich is ready to do anything and everything to be with Demi Lovato again.

“Max has been leaving messages and texting, asking her to take him back. Still, there’s nothing he can do or say to change her mind. Max is begging to work things out, but Demi just wants to put this bad romance behind her,” the source said.

Max Ehrich humiliated Demi Lovato

Lovato was, allegedly, humiliated after a Twitter user shared screenshots of Ehrich obsessing over other female celebrities. And one of the female celebs that the actor is, allegedly, interested in is Selena Gomez.

“She’d also catch him checking out other girls. All her insecurities came flooding back,” the source said.

Wilmer Valderrama reached out to the singer

While dealing with the humiliation brought about by the end of her short engagement, Lovato is, allegedly, relying on her friends for support. Her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, has, allegedly, checked in on the singer to make sure that she’s OK.

“She’s focusing on herself and healing. Demi is embarrassed by the way things have gone down, but she’ll get through this,” the source said.

Demi Lovato thinks Max Ehrich used her

Another source told Star that Demi Lovato was already having serious doubts about Ehrich even before they called off their engagement. There were, allegedly, times wherein she felt that the actor was using her.

“There’s nothing Max could do or say to change Demi’s mind. She doesn’t want anything to do with him,” the source said.

As of late, no one really knows what happened between Lovato and Ehrich because the situation has been a classic case of, he said she said. But just days after they called off their engagement, Ehrich urged Lovato’s supporters to stop bullying him on social media.

Max Ehrich’s message to online trolls

TMZ caught up with Ehrich at the LAX last week, and he, reportedly, said that he’s not bothered by Lovato’s new single, “Still Have Me.” But what he’s more concerned about are the social media trolls that have been attacking him.

Ehrich also encouraged the trolls not to believe everything that they read online. And he also said that he wants nothing but the best for Lovato.

Where’s the engagement ring?

According to E! News, Lovato also returned the engagement ring that Ehrich gave to her.

The jewelry is, reportedly, valued at $1 million, and it features diamonds that previously belonged to Demi Lovato. And some of the diamonds were from Ehrich.

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