Max Ehrich stalking Demi Lovato, refuses to let singer go: Rumor

Max Ehrich stalking Demi Lovato, refuses to let singer go: Rumor

Max Ehrich is, allegedly, having a hard time moving on from Demi Lovato.

According to National Enquirer, friends of Demi Lovato are worried that Ehrich is turning into her stalker.

“Since their break up, he’s been particularly creepy. Her friends are concerned there’s something more sinister happening and they fear Demi may have a psycho on her hands,” the source said.

Max Ehrich stalking Demi Lovato

Friends of Lovato are also, allegedly, convinced that Ehrich just used the singer for fame and attention. And they’re disgusted after seeing the actor’s photo where he is weeping at the beach where he proposed to Lovato.

“They had ‘setup’ written all over them and Demi thinks this was another ploy to trick her into thinking he cares and let him back in her life,” the source said.

Max Ehrich stalking Demi Lovato

Max Ehrich calling ex’s friends, family nonstop

Ehrich has also, allegedly, been calling Lovato, her friends, and family nonstop. And since they no longer want to talk to him, they’ve decided to block his calls.

Lovato said yes to Ehrich’s proposal in July. But their engagement didn’t last very long. The source also said that the former child star regretted her decision to get engaged to Ehrich shortly after she said yes to him.

“He became controlling and jealous. Demi’s pals can sense she still struggles with sobriety and this is the last thing she needs,” the source said.

Max Ehrich faking a relationship to make Demi jealous

OK! magazine also accused Ehrich of trying to make Demi Lovato jealous. The tabloid claimed that the actor has been hanging out with Sonika Vaid just for show.

But a source told Page Six that the American Idol alum has a boyfriend, and they’re living together.

OK! magazine was also one of the tabloids that claimed that Ehrich was just using Lovato for fame.

“She worried that he was using her for the fame and heard he was dropping her name around Hollywood while trying to get acting jobs,” a source previously said.

As of late, Lovato and Ehrich have not directly addressed the rumors. But it seems Lovato has already moved on from her former fiancé. After all, she has already deleted all their photos on her social media account.

The singer encourages Americans to vote

Demi Lovato is also busy encouraging her millions of fans to vote in the US elections.

“Ballots can be SO overwhelming, trust me I know 🤯😮 Do you know what’s on your ballot? Find all the candidates and measures you’ll be voting on AND get more information about them in one place with @votesaveamerica’s Ballot Tool,” Demi Lovato wrote.

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