Maximizing photo mode in ‘The Last of Us 2’

Most games today now have a photo mode that allows them to create stunning images to share wherever they want to. In the photo mode in The Last of Us 2, there are a lot of secrets and potential that players might not be aware of.

The Last of Us 2 features a photo mode that lets players take a variety of amazing images in the game. There’s a lot of hidden potential in the photo mode, and veteran Petri Levälaht aka Berduu, shares some of his tips to maximize the mode’s potential.

Make portrait shots better

The game is filled with several memorable characters, and we can’t blame players by wanting to commemorate them through portrait shots. Berduu shares that to make portraits much better, players will need to find the right lighting just as photographers do in real life.

To make the shot feel more intimate and gripping, he suggests letting the subject look directly at the camera.

Use tools for extra flair

Ellie can use various tools at her disposal to take care of the WLF, Scars, Rattlers, and the infected. She can also use these items to make better shots using photo mode. As Berduu notes, tossing a smoke bomb or a Molotov cocktail in the background adds a few special effects to a regular photo.


Players will never run out of a film in The Last of Us 2. As such, Berduu suggests that players should retake shots until they are satisfied. He says that he’s taken about 1,500 shots in the game but have only published around 40. Players shouldn’t hesitate to take more shots than they used to, as this will allow them to capture a truly defining moment in the game.

Use other subjects

Once photo mode is initiated, the game comes to a standstill, and everything stops. Players should use this to their advantage to incorporate enemies and the undead into their photos. This mode results in intense photos as well. Even bullets will freeze in a frame if player times their photo mode right.

A lot of players use photo mode to take highly detailed shots of the game’s infected.

These The Last of Us 2 photo mode tips will allow players to create stunning photos from the game. Some consider this an art form in itself, and as evident by the pro’s tips, there are a lot of factors that separate the good photo mode artists from the regular ones.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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