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MCU: Chris Hemsworth will start filming Thor 4 this week!


Marvel’s Thor 4 production will start this week, according to actor Chris Hemsworth. He shared the news on his recent social media post.

According to Comicbook, filming of Thor 4 will begin this week. The leading actor of the project, Chris Hemsworth, shared the big news on his recent Instagram post.

Here’s what he wrote in his feed:

“Great to get away for a few days to @visitlordhoweisland before starting on #thorloveandthunder this week!”

Thor 4 movie early details

A while ago, other cast members also landed in Australia before starting the film’s production. Actress Natalie Portman is already there in Sydney. Not just that, Guardians of the Galaxy actors have also begun arriving in the country. They will also play a significant role in Thor 4. Before the shoot starts, they will also spend two weeks in quarantine as per COVID-19 guidelines.

Interestingly, Matt Damon is also in the news due to the rumors of his role in the fourth installment of Thor. Previously, he was seen in a short cameo in 2017’s Ragnarok. But this time, he’s reportedly going to have a larger part in Love and Thunder.

Speaking of the Phase four MCU title, it will finally introduce the Lady Thor to the fans. Natalie Portman, who will reprise her role of Jane Foster, will become Goddess of Thunder. It’s been confirmed already in 2019’s Comic-Con. But watching it happening in the film itself will be fantastic for sure.

However, it’s not yet known if Jane’s Thor iteration will continue further or not in the franchise. Actress Tessa Thompson will also come back in the movie, reprising her character of Valkyrie. In 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, she became the Queen of Asgardians.

Upcoming MCU titles in the future

Meanwhile, many endless movies and TV shows are arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future. After more than a year of a long wait, Marvel Studios is now back to business because of Coronavirus and lockdown. Phase four has already begun with the release of MCU’s first-ever TV series, WandaVision.

Next on the launch radar this year are Falcon and the Winter Soldier show. On the side of films, Black Widow will finally arrive in theaters on Disney Plus in May. Shang-Chi, Eternals, and Spider-Man 3 are also highly anticipated. The future list also includes more Disney+ shows. Loki, Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, Armor Wars, Ironheart, Secret Invasion, She-Hulk are coming soon. The entire universe will keep expanding from now on, especially after the addition of X-Men and Fantastic Four properties.

Coming back to Thor 4, the movie is slated to be released on February 11, 2022.

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