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MCU: No change in ‘GOTG 3’ script, reveals James Gunn


Director James Gunn has revealed that there’s been no change in the script for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. He told in a recent Twitter interaction.

According to Comicbook, James Gunn said that GOTG 3 script is still intact in his tweet on Monday night. He gave out the key news while answering a fan question.

For those who are not aware, Gunn suffered a tough time last year. Disney removed him from the third Guardians of the Galaxy after finding toxic tweets. But then he came back after the fans and cast members protested against Disney’s decision.

James Gunn and his multitasking at filmmaking

Currently, the filmmaker is busy with two projects, technically. On the one hand, there’s the Suicide Squad movie under DC, and then there’s the GOTG‘s next part. Thus, it can be called good multitasking also. Because the man surely knows how to handle two big projects. And that too, when they are from two big superhero movie production companies, rival to each other.

In his Q&A session on Monday, he answered two big questions regarding Guardians of the Galaxy 3. And fans must be feeling happy after his confirmation of “no change” in the script. It’s been “very little” from when he left the project in the past.

Meanwhile, there’s no release date yet for this Marvel film. And that’s because the product hasn’t started. COVID-19 has also played a negative role this year as it caused long delays for big productions.

Possible theories and plot leaks for GOTG 3

When it comes to GOTG 3, there are currently many theories hovering over the internet. Several strong leaks are also hinting towards the death of a major character. It may spoil the fun for some moviegoers, but early speculations are saying that Rocket will die.

Yes, it’s been the most talked-about story plot of the upcoming MCU film. However, no official word is out from the side of Marvel Studios or even the director himself. Die-hard fans always keep digging deep when it comes to new movies and TV shows.

Another theory suggests that the film will eventually introduce a new roaster of Guardians. Just like the Avengers, they will also have fresh members in future installments.

But it’s also a fact the already established cosmic team is top-rated among the fans, especially Rocket and Groot and Quill, Gamora, Drax, Nebula, and Mantis. People will definitely miss this line-up if the theories come true, and Rocket or anyone else dies.

It solely depends on James Gunn now what he has decided for this anticipated MCU title. It’s been a lot of delays since its news came out three years ago. And right now, the early release predictions are hinting at the late slot of 2023.

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