Mech-based role-playing game, ‘Dual Gear’, is already up on Steam

Dual Gear promotional page

Mecha fans who are dying for a spiritual successor to the Front Mission series can shift their attention to Dual Gear, which is now released on Steam.

Described as a turn-based strategy game involving huge machinations, Dual Gear has all the obvious indications of drawing inspiration from the iconic mecha title. Something that fans of the franchise would notice, based on similarity in design. Undoubtedly, the game makes for spiritual successor, albeit coming from a different developer.

A Tale of Conflicting Forces

In Dual Gear, players take on the role of pilots who control military weapons called THVs. Unlike old models of THVs, players get to ride the newer model, Dual Gear, whose purpose is to defend Earth and its inhabitants from the invading force of space. Conspicuously, the more capable of the two machine types.

Set in the year 2069, the game starts with a premise of a conflict between Earth and its extraterrestrial enemy. Earth being defended by an organization called UNR and the outside orbit enemy being The Watchmaker.

Directly involved in the fight against the world’s defense, players take on the role of a NEMOS resistance fighter. A group of young soldiers established to act auxiliary to UNR’s cause towards the planet’s guard.

Inspired from a Previous Game

Like the series that greatly influenced its design, Dual Gear relies heavily on various armaments as part of its gameplay. Such arsenals range between guns and melee weapons, each of which comes with pros and cons, depending on situations.

Making the game engaging as a strategy title, Dual Gear employs a tactical view that gives players insight into the battlefield. This bird’s eye view advantage should inform players of the ideal move, which varies according to different situations. Players who think before taking the steps are the ones who better surmount the challenges of every condition.

Aside from merely being tactical and RPG, the game also highlights customization as well, subsequently giving players the power to tinker with their machines as they see fit, even if the changes are mostly aesthetics.

A Brief Trailer

In anticipation of the game’s near release on Steam, developer Orbital Speed Studio showcased a trailer video. No way comprehensive of what to see in-game, the said trailer gives a sneak peek of the essential components of Dual Gear.

In it, the trailer shows a few of the game’s pilots as well as a display of some of the machines while in action.

To those who are ecstatic about the game, check out its Steam page.

Image used courtesy of DUAL GEAR GAME/YouTube Screenshot

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