Mediatonic clears out ‘Fall Guys’ cheaters with ban wave

Mediatonic clears out 'Fall Guys' cheaters with ban wave

Fall Guys is currently one of the trending games today. With its popularity rising, hackers are making their way into the game as well.

Mediatonic met success with the release of Fall Guys. The game managed to hit 2 million downloads on Steam alone. That being said, it is expected that hackers are finding its way into the game.

Hackers are not present in every match, unlike other more popular battle royale titles. However, it is starting to get frustrating when a player jumps into a match with a hacker on.

The cheats used include starting before the countdown, speed boost, jump hacks, and teleporting hacks. Cheaters often use these to win games and unlock crowns.

Fall Guys mechanics include lousy physics that make the characters move like jello. It is pretty much like Human Fall Flat but in a battle-royale mode.

Devs have started the ban wave

The game is one of the unexpected titles to enter the top five games on Steam. It is sitting behind Dota 2, PUBG, GTA V, and CSGO in terms of concurrent players.

However, it lacks resources to combat cheaters compared to these top games.

The only way to report a player is through Mediatonic’s Discord server. It does not have an in-game report function yet.

But, the developers are aware of the situation. They are already working on it.

According to Rory Marquis, technical director of Mediatonics, “we have had a system in place since day one which has been learning through the actions of our honest players.”

“We’ve now started using this to tune our approach to detecting and addressing cheaters. This is something we will continue to do with the support of the community whose help has been key to keeping Fall Guys a world of beans who just wanna have fun,” he added.

Cheaters are getting banned as of the moment. But, completely eradicating them won’t be swift.

Fall Guys players need to live with some of the hackers at the moment. Unless the developers create a dedicated team to manage the situation.

Featured image used courtesy of Fall Guys/Steam

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