Meet Evolves Features for Users’ Convenience

Meets public demand booms to two million as it improves video quality and other functions.

A lot of companies and schools decided to convert their methods into video conferences as COVID-19 continues to affect people. Meet consistently provides reliable and fast service to all users since January amidst the pandemic.

Many educational institutions transferred to Meet to continue their programs to sustain their demands. It led to an increase in the number of student users in Meet. Google also gave educators the ability to control who comes in and out of their video conference.

An increasing number of Meet users

Google stated that the application accommodates an average of two million new users on its desktop and mobile app daily, all-around 150 countries, one of the results of the continuing pandemic.

Above this, Meet will enhance its features to cope and provide the users’ necessities, such as its video quality and lessening unnecessary background noise in its video proceedings.

More features added in Meet

Starting Thursday, Google’s added feature, Alphabet, will allow executive and academic individuals to conduct video conferences. The added features in Meet took place because of the ongoing increase in demand for video conferences, most notably in this trying time.

After this month, Meet’s layout display will allow up to 16 participants in a video conference at a time. Google also stated that they would be enhancing their video and sound quality that will provide comfort to users.

Google declared that it would add filters to the audio quality of video conferences to decrease unwanted sounds such as doors closing and mouse clicks. Many businesses and educational institutions started relying on Meet because of its enhanced attributes.

Existing rivals

Meet’s rivals, such as Zoom and Microsoft, also experience an increase in public demand because of the requirements in the ongoing pandemic. However, several issues existed in the middle of the enlarging number of users in these applications.

Under some security circumstances, Zoom experienced negative feedback, which led to a decrease in their users as well. On the other hand, other applications like Microsoft, reportedly, gave users a difficult time figuring out how to use their form.

Google is working on developing and improving Meet’s quality to provide users’ needs. The company is also making its maximum effort to come up with innovative features that keep up with society’s necessities as the public’s demand for video conferences increases. 

Images courtesy of Techowns/Featured, VisualHunt/Visualhunt

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