Meet Helena who played the real life Lady Dimitrescu in ‘Resident Evil Village’

The real-life Lady Dimitrescu looks even more beautiful than what we see on screen.

Lady Dimitrescu, one of the most famous characters from Resident Evil Village, has taken their inspiration from a model who possesses all the characters of playing the part.

It was recently revealed that Helena Mankowska, the model and the actress for Pitstop Productions, is the real-life face of this internet famous character. Resident Evil Village is known for its futuristic gameplay experience and the fact that it focuses on action, violence, and some hint of horror.

Who is this countess in the game ‘Resident Evil’?

Lady was the first of the four lords that Ethan had to fight while in the castle to reach to save his baby, Rose, who is in the grasp of Mother Miranda.

Countess Alcina Dimitrescu is one of the most popular video game characters, and she got even more popular when Capcom first streamed Resident Evil Village and its trailer. Hence, it showed a peak as to whatever what going to come for players.

Lady has been the center of attention for a long time now as many people have spent hours on makeup and cosplays, as the internet consists of many.

As so, Lady Dimitrescu has become one of the most beloved characters of the series. However, after few weeks of speculation, Helena Mankowska has confirmed that she plays the gigantic lady in the new series that Capcom has released on her Instagram account.

What is the prime job of a face actress?

A face actress is the one who gives developers inspiration on how the model should be based. Helena Mankowska was born in Poland in the year of 1985. She spent three years studying and working in Barcelona, Spain, before moving to Londo in 2018.

She is fluent in a bit of English and Polish and speaks a bit of Spanish from her time in Barcelona. Helena Mankowska has acted in many movies as well, such as the Royal Blood, Right Angle, and Two Faces.

Even before Helena Mankowska revealed that she was the face behind Dimitrescu, fans already had a theory on who it might be. Her connections and the fans’ speculations regarding the facial symmetry helped everyone clear of the doubt.

It was also because Helena’s name was mentioned on the credits of Resident Evil Village under the list of the 3D scan for models from Pitstop Productions.


Image courtesy of Markiplier/YouTube

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