‘Megalo Box’ Season 2 Episode 5: Can Chief win the grand prize?

Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 5

After winning over Mamiya, can Chief continues his winning streak to get the prize in Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 5.

It looks like Chief is now a changed man, becoming a much better person to protect his new family. As this inspires him to win, will his luck continue in Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 5?

Chief’s bid to win and take the prize

According to Epic Dope, Chief cannot afford to lose anymore. He badly wants to win the grand prize to have enough money to buy the amusement park for the immigrants.

However, things will be harder for Chief, especially with his consecutive battles. He is undoubtedly tired, and his last match with Crazy Mamiya takes a lot of his strength.

So in Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 5, Chief may focus on his defense to win the final matches.

He may condition himself so that he can avoid being defeated. As the battle is about endurance, he has to be very careful of his steps.

Elsewhere, the local goons are about to come and make life more difficult for the immigrants. However, Mio will defend them, just like what Chief does.

In addition, Joe may return to where it all started. He will speak to Sachio and may encounter Yuri and his protégé, Liu.

He may also reopen Nanbu’s gym in the new episode.

Episode 4 recap

Fans saw Chief’s trailer burned down in Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 4. Thankfully, he managed to save the photo of his family—the only thing he wanted to save, per The Cinemaholic.

He realized his mistake and felt the rage and frustration inside him. Mio then lashed out at his mother and Chief before he left.

Hikawa met a government official before the match occurred and told him he didn’t mind who would get the land as long as someone would pay for it.

This time, Chief was about to face Hiwaka’s best fighter, Mamiya. The fight began, and it quickly turned nasty after Mamiya continuously hit Chief on the back of his head.

Despite that, Chief still won.

They later started to celebrate with the rest of the community, where Chief reminded Joe of his promise.

Joe acknowledged it and said he was already done running. Mio then returned and cut his ties with the delinquents.

What happens from here will be seen when Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 5 drops on Sunday, May 2.

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