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‘Megaman’ style game ’30XX’ shows off new gameplay with reveal trailer


Megaman style game 30XX received a gameplay reveal this weekend. During the Guerrilla Collective livestream, the game showed off why it’s a better blue bomber title.

The new game is a sequel to the 20XX Megaman based title from Battery Staple Games. It sets itself 1000 years after the previous game. The world is still the same technological dystopia that it was a millennia before.

For anyone with a nostalgia itch for the original blue bomber games, this should satisfy it. The play and atmosphere are as authentic as the originals.

30XX boasts Protoman analog during developer spotlight

30XX follows a dreadful perspective of the world and humanity as a whole. The advent of the “Synthetic Mind” took away the ability of humankind to dream of a future. As a cyborg, players wake up to fight in the verdant prison, they call Earth.

The trailer that showed off during the Guerrilla Collective stream shows off Ace. He’s one of the playable characters in the game, with the other being Nina. Ace is the analog to Protoman and Zero, much like how Nina is to Rockman and X.

Ace is a swift and agile melee fighter, able to string combos like the Dolomite Link and the Zen Ascent. Players can use these combos similar to the original key binds in previous Megaman titles. Ace also uses an Unleash Blade mechanic that gives him a unique playstyle.

Nina, on the other hand, is much like X. She’s the blue bomber, specializing in long-range beam attacks with her buster cannon. As the blue bomber analogue, her moves are mostly related to demolishing enemies from afar.

30XX boasts robust procedural generation across the game

30XX stops being a Rockman clone with its playable characters and aesthetics. What sets it apart from the original Capcom game is its roguelike aspects.

The game uses procedural generation for its dungeon levels. Every level is different from each one at every run, which means players can’t memorize them. The sliding scale of difficulty for the game has a definite curve, but it’s part of the challenge.

Every item, level, and powerup players differ with each run and session. Even after players finish the game, the game will still have surprises to it. This feature adds replayability to the game, with its local and online multiplayer support.

For players who like Megaman, 30XX is the game they need. The Steam listing puts its date of release as “sometime in 30XX,” but players can hope it will come out soon.

Featured image courtesy of Battery Staple Games/Youtube Screenshots

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