Meghan Markle accuses Princess Eugenie of copying her son’s birth photo: Rumor

Meghan Markle accuses Princess Eugenie of copying her son's birth photo: Rumor

Meghan Markle, allegedly, accused Princess Eugenie of copying Archie’s photo on Instagram.

According to Woman’s Day, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry privately congratulated Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank following the birth of their baby boy.

However, Markle didn’t also waste any time in reminding the couple that their baby’s photo is very similar to Archie’s snap.

Did Princess Eugenie copy Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s son’s photo?

Markle and Prince Harry decided to share an adorable photo of Archie’s feet shortly after his arrival.

Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank, on the other hand, shared an adorable photo of their son’s hand on Instagram.

“Meghan basically made it clear she thought it was ‘super cute’ that they took inspiration for baby York’s birth announcement photo from an artistic photo of her hand holding Archie’s foot that she shared on Mother’s Day, soon after his birth,” the source said.

Princess Eugenie furious with Meghan Markle

Princess Eugenie furious with Meghan Markle

The source said that Princess Eugenie played it cool. But she was slightly offended because she understood what Markle was trying to say.

“American sarcasm can often get lost in translation but I heard Eugenie was left in no doubt that Meghan was really sniping about Eugenie copying her. Never mind that half the world’s parents post similar imagery of their babies every day on social media,” the source said.

This isn’t, allegedly, the first time that Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie had a low-key feud.

The Duchess of Sussex stole the show

Years ago, the Duchess of Sussex received flak for announcing her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding.

“The Yorks were living at the time. But it was pointed out to them that the Sussexes were untouchable as they were about to embark on a historic tour to Australia and New Zealand. And they didn’t want a grumpy Eugenie dominating the news cycle. Eugenie couldn’t believe she was being dictated to as a new bride and a blood princess. She has lived in the shadow of Meghan’s headline-grabbing behavior ever since. This is why she takes her own shots by deliberately including her HRH title whenever she can.

But regardless of what the tabloid says, there’s no proof that Meghan Markle sent Princess Eugenie a private text message that hurt the latter’s feelings.

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