Meghan Markle allegedly bitter because palace favored Kate Middleton


Meghan Markle, reportedly, told her friends that the palace would have reacted differently if Kate Middleton was the one attacked by the critics.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are often pitted to each other. From the time Markle joined the Firm, royal fans have not stopped comparing her with the future queen.

Many favored Meghan Markle over Middleton in terms of carrying out royal duties. However, several also chose Middleton because she didn’t crave attention, unlike the former actress.

Meanwhile, the media have its own take between the two.

Markle and Middleton receive different responses from the media

Middleton and Markle have different personalities. Prince William’s wife is more reserve and shy. On the other hand, Prince Harry’s better-half is more confident and outspoken.

However, both share the same taste in fashion. In December 2018, Markle stepped out in a black one-shoulder Givenchy gown at the British Fashion Awards.

Markle looked stunning, but many criticized her wardrobe because it showed her shoulders. The critics slammed the Duchess of Sussex calling it “vulgar.”

In February 2019, Kate Middleton stepped out in a white one-shoulder Alexander McQueen gown. Unlike Markle, she received positive responses from the press with some calling her “goddess” and “angelic.”

Markle was also criticized for always touching her baby bump when she was still expecting her son, Archie. Middleton didn’t receive the same criticisms, but it turned out that there were also lots of photos of Middleton touching her tummy during her three pregnancies.

Apparently, there is a double standard between the two. Middleton is more favored compared to Markle.

Markle is allegedly bitter for the palace’s lack of action regarding the bashing she receives

In January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step back from their royal duties. In April, they were officially non-working royal.

Just recently, Prince Harry and Markle cut ties with four major tabloids from the U.K. According to sources, they didn’t inform the royal family about the said move. However, sources told Daily Mail that they did it because the palace failed to protect them from the press.

“Bitter Meghan tells friends the palace favored her sister-in-law and would have attacked the UK tabloids if she were the one relentlessly picked on to protect his family,” the insider said.

The insiders added that Markle found it infuriating because Prince Harry already spoke to Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II about his wife being bullied, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Meghan said they made it seem like this is the way it is, deal with it. Harry had been dealing with it far too long. She said he wasn’t going to let this destroy her life and their marriage,” the insider added.

Image used courtesy of Genevieve / CC BY

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