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Meghan Markle allegedly ‘stifled and suffocated’ with royals’ sexist tradition


Meghan Markle allegedly left the royal family because she didn’t like their sexist tradition, according to one report.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they were stepping back from their royal duties earlier this year. In April, they flew to the United States and are now living in their mansion in Montecito. According to a new report, they left the royal family because the duchess didn’t like their alleged “sexist tradition.”

Meghan Markle allegedly disgusted with royals’ sexist tradition

Meghan Markle had a hard time adjusting to the royal family. In one interview, she was very emotional when she said that she tried her best to adopt to their tradition. A new report claimed that Markle found their tradition “sexist.”

According to The News, Markle felt “stifled and suffocated” with the royal family’s centuries-old sexist traditions. Markle “hated the PDA ban as a member of the royal family and wants son Archie to grow up feeling comfortable expressing himself,” according to an insider.

Prince Harry and Markle are allegedly raising their son, Archie, “unroyally” and based on their footsteps. The royal prince reportedly believed that his son should enjoy all the freedom he never had for growing up in a royal household.

Archie’s upbringing

The insider added that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son will not follow any traditions and protocol. The source insisted that Archie won’t stick to the royal traditions that his mom finds sexist.

Instead, he could run wild and do whatever he wants. Prince Harry and Markle set healthy boundaries for their firstborn.

“He’ll be taught the importance of freedom of speech and giving back to the community, and most importantly not to let anything get in the way of achieving his dreams and happiness,” the anonymous source said.

Meghan didn’t like the royal dress code

Also, another source claimed that Meghan Markle didn’t like the royal family’s dress code. In fact, that’s was reportedly the reason she dressed up casually often times. Many also criticized Markle’s wardrobe because unlike most royals, she used to rock trousers when attending royal engagements.

Prince Harry’s wife allegedly disliked “always having to be dressed to the nines as a royal and the old-fashioned rules and regulations — like wearing dresses below the knee,” the source said.

While Markle allegedly didn’t want to stick with the royal protocol, Kate Middleton was quite the opposite. The Duchess of Cambridge has been praised by royal fans for the way she follows the royal traditions and handles her duties.

Image used courtesy of Office of the Governor-General/Creative Commons/CC BY 4.0

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