Meghan Markle already secretly gave birth to baby girl: rumor

Meghan Markle already secretly gave birth to baby girl: rumor

Meghan Markle had allegedly already given birth to her and Prince Harry’s second baby, a girl, last week, according to an outlet.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced earlier this year that they are expecting their second baby. They did not announce how far along the duchess was but said they were expecting a baby girl. One outlet claimed that Markle already delivered her baby, check out the truth.

Meghan Markle allegedly delivered baby secretly

New Idea published a report claiming that Meghan Markle was dashed to the hospital to deliver her baby girl last week.  Prince Harry allegedly rushed home after Prince Philip’s funeral because his wife was about to give birth.

The Duke of Sussex flew to the U.K. to attend his grandfather’s memorial. Many thought he would extend his stay in his home country for the Queen’s birthday. Her Majesty turned 95 years old on April 21. However, the duke flew back to Los Angeles before the Queen’s big day to reunite with his wife and son.

The outlet claimed that Markle was originally planning a home birth. However, the royal couple sped off to the hospital for the duchess’ delivery.

The article also described Markle as “very bumpy” a few weeks ago. It added that she was ready to give birth at any moment. It also quoted baby Archie allegedly saying “big brother,” which the anonymous source claimed was a hint that the baby had already arrived.

The report concluded that Prince Harry was overjoyed with his daughter’s arrival. It was reportedly plain to see, and it was all he could talk about during his trip to England.

Report debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the story because Markle is still pregnant. Markle is one of the most closely watched celebrities, and no reputable outlets have reported about her giving birth.

Also, when Prince Harry flew to the U.K. for Prince Philip’s funeral, several outlets claimed that her doctors advised her against taking the trip because she’s still too far along. The duchess suffered from a miscarriage last year, and her doctors didn’t think it was worth it to risk her pregnancy and lose another baby.

Since Markle is still too far along, the claim that Prince Harry had to rush to go back home because his wife was about to give birth is outrageous. 

Just recently, Meghan Markle announced in a press release that she would be releasing a children’s book. It would have been the perfect timing to announce the birth of her child, but she made no mention of it.

The rumor-debunking site added that Prince Harry and Markle are expecting their baby this summer.

Gossip Cop also questioned the reliability of the tabloid because it has a reputation for publishing fake news about the couple. For instance, it claimed in the past that Prince Harry and Markle are breaking up.

Apparently, it was not true. In fact, the couple is still very much together.

The rumor-debunking site concluded that the story was a classic bait-and-switch. And if Markle does give birth, legitimate outlets will surely report the baby’s arrival.


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