Meghan Markle apologizes to the U.K. court, didn’t intend to mislead

Meghan Markle apologizes to the U.K. court, didn't intend to mislead

Meghan Markle apologized to the U.K. court for forgetting emails exchanged with her former aide related to Finding Freedom.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry repeatedly denied any involvement in Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s biography about them, Finding Freedom. However, the duchess apologized in a witness statement made public Wednesday.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s aide meets with Finding Freedom authors

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex denied any collaboration with the Finding Freedom author. However, their former aide Jason Knauf said the book was “discussed on a routine basis.” Also, it was “discussed directly with the duchess multiple times in person and over email.”

The former communications secretary added that Markle provided several points to discuss with Scobie and Durand in a meeting. Knauf added that he discussed those things with Prince Harry via email.

“I totally agree that we have to be able to say we didn’t have anything to do with it,” Prince Harry said. The duke added that Knauf giving the right context and background would help get some truths out there.

Duchess of Sussex admits former aide provides information for Finding Freedom 

Meghan Markle apologized to the court in her witness statement. She admitted that Knauf provided some information to the authors. However, she said she wasn’t aware of the extend of the information he shared with them.

“When I approved the passage… I did not have the benefit of seeing these emails and I apologize to the court for the fact that I had not remembered these exchanges at the time. I had absolutely no wish or intention to mislead the defendant or the court,” she added. 

The duchess added she wasn’t aware of the emails between her and Knauf. Also, she was not feeling well and was in her first trimester of pregnancy.

Meghan, Harry’s involvement in Finding Freedom

Prior to Markle’s apology, The Telegraph obtained new court documents where the duchess admitted to passing information to the author of Finding Freedom because she was reportedly worried about her father’s narrative. The duchess allegedly didn’t want the claims that she abandoned him and cut off their communication line. Markle didn’t want the story to be repeated.

Also, the authors acknowledged the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the Author’s Note. Scobie and Durand claimed they  spoke with the royal couple “when appropriate.”

That part of the book sparked another round of backlash. Several netizens accused the couple of lying.

Finding Freedom Authors Confirm They Did Speak To Prince Harry and Meghan in an Acknowledgement Buried in The Back Of The Biography. The authors’ note acknowledges that Harry and Meg did work on the book. How many press releases were put out denying it,” one wrote on Twitter.

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