Meghan Markle arrested for protesting report not true

Meghan Markle has not been arrested for protesting contrary to a report published by one tabloid.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living quietly and peacefully in their home in Santa Barbara. The rumors about the duchess being busted for a protest was not true.

Meghan Markle busted not true

New Idea published a report claiming that Markle had been arrested for protesting. Prince Harry and the royal family were allegedly shocked and appalled.

The report included a cover photo of Markle with a man behind her as if she was caught in the act doing something illegal. The headline read “Meghan Busted!” with the text “shock arrest pic inside” and a photo of Prince Harry with a text “Harry blindsided.”

Meanwhile, the actual story was different from the headline. It alleged that Markle “appeared to hint she would have been willing to join [Black Lives Matter] protestors and risk arrest.”

Arrest report debunk

The headline on the cover suggested that the duchess was arrested and even promised a photo of the arrest. However, the article didn’t have any detail or photo to support its claim that Meghan Markle was arrested.

Gossip Cop considered the report a classic bait-and-switch.

The article was split between Markle’s interview and a quick rundown of her comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. It concluded by quoting the dubious source’s opinion saying that the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William will not be happy about it, but there is nothing they can do.

The outlet noted that the half-baked comment was included to show some conflict between the royals. But the whole report was false.

Also, no reputable sources reported about Markle’s arrest. If it were true, it would be international news, and it will make headlines.

Markle has a baby, and it is very unlikely for her to join and risk herself to be arrested. The duchess has been open about her support for the Black Lives Matter, and she doesn’t need to join a protest to prove it.

Moreover, with New Idea’s reputation for publishing articles based on the statements of its undependable sources, this could be another groundless claim waiting to be debunked. So, avid followers and fans of Markle should take the arrest report lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Meghan and Prince Harry volunteer again

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped out a few days ago and volunteered to help Baby2Baby distribute school supplies. The couple joined the organization and handed the donated school supplies, clothing, and hygiene kits at Knox Elementary.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wore matching white tops and shorts. They also sported a face mask. The duke was also wearing a cap.

The L.A.-based nonprofit organization shared photos of the royal couple from the event. They also thanked the Sussexes for joining the team.

In April, they also volunteered to deliver hot meals for Project Angel Food. The organization delivers medically, tailored meals to the sick and elderly people.

It wasn’t the first time Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteered to a charity when they moved to California.

Image used courtesy of Alan Fraser Images/Shutterstock

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