Meghan Markle bans Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte from seeing Archie?

Meghan Markle bans Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte from seeing Archie?

Kate Middleton, allegedly, tried reaching out to Meghan Markle but the latter is still refusing the former’s attempts to make peace.

According to Woman’s Day, Kate Middleton tried talking to her sister-in-law after she found out that Markle is trying to get pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly, wants to ask Markle to bury the hatchet. And she, allegedly, wants the former royal to give birth in the United Kingdom. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

Kate Middleton allegedly holding out hope she’ll see Archie again

But an unnamed source claimed to know details about Middleton’s feelings with regards to Markle and the royal family.

“Kate loves children and regardless of the bad blood between her and Meghan, she would forgive it all in a heartbeat if she got to spend more time with darling Archie and this apparent new niece or nephew,” the unnamed source said, as per Woman’s Day.

The insider also said that Middleton is still holding out hope that she and Markle could one day mend the fences. After all, she wants her three kids to grow up with their cousins.

“Whatever their differences, the kids come first, surely. She has said as much to Megan,” the source said.

Meghan Markle allegedly refuses Kate's request

Meghan Markle allegedly refuses Kate’s request

However, Middleton’s pleas have, allegedly, fallen on deaf ears. Markle is still refusing to patch things up with Middleton because she cannot, allegedly, forget how her sister-in-law didn’t defend and protect her.

The source said that the 18 months that Markle was a royal didn’t come easy for her. And she wanted to rely on Middleton during that time, but the latter wasn’t there for her.

As such, Prince Harry’s wife has, allegedly, banned Middleton and her children from seeing Archie. And Markle is also adamant at giving birth in the United States.

Prince Harry allegedly sad for Kate Middleton but can’t do anything

Prince Harry, allegedly, wants to encourage Markle to make peace with Middleton. However, he, allegedly, knows that his wife won’t listen to him. In the end, Prince Harry will just, allegedly, follow whatever Markle wants to do.

“Harry takes her lead on everything, probably including this. Deep down he must be heartbroken to know his kids won’t have the same upbringing as Kate and William’s kids. Despite it all, he loves his family and there’s no need for a hardline reaction like this. But he’s powerless in this relationship,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Markle hasn’t confirmed her alleged pregnancy. And if she isn’t pregnant, the tabloid’s claim that Kate Middleton called to congratulate her must have been fabricated.

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