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Meghan Markle called ruthless social climber by former friend Piers Morgan


Meghan Markle and Piers Morgan used to be friends, but the latter is now one of the most vocal critics of the duchess. Morgan even called Markle a “ruthless social climber.”

Meghan Markle has never made any direct comment on Piers Morgan’s statements against her in the past. And just recently, he made another bold statement against the former Suits star.

Meghan Markle is allegedly a ‘ruthless social climber’

Piers Morgan spoke with Express and shared his thoughts about the Duchess of Cambridge. According to him, Meghan Markle is steering Prince Harry’s current path.

“This is all about Meghan Markle becoming a bigger mega-star,” he told Express.

According to Morgan, when he and Markle were still friends, she was very open about her ambition. He believes that Markle has a “ruthlessly ambitious streak,” which is the evidence of their fleeting friendship. He then went on and called her “social climber.”

“The way she treats friends and family is pretty indicative of a ruthless social climber who will stop at nothing to get where she wants to get to and I’m sure she thinks the sky is her limit,” Morgan added.

“She’s landed her Prince and she’s wrestled him away from his family.”

Meghan asked for advice from Piers

Piers Morgan also recounted their friendship, which started well. However, Meghan Markle allegedly ditched him and moved on when she no longer needed him.

“I can certainly say that after personal experience when she wanted my advice on handling the media and stuff she can turn on the charm when it suits her but the moment you are of no use to her you’re gone,” Piers explained.

He also denied the claims that he was obsessed with Markle. The journalist set the record straight and said he simply comments on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because they are a big news story.

Meghan a problem to the royals

Meanwhile, royal biographer Robert Lacey spoke about Meghan Markle after the release of his book Battle of Brothers, which documents Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship. According to him, Markle posed a problem to the royal family because she’s a self-made woman.

Lacey said Markle is the only member of the royal family who made her millions and created her own celebrity status and didn’t inherit it. However, the members of the Firm failed to make her feel significant.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Markle announced that they would step back from their royal duties. At present, they are living in their mansion in Montecito, Santa Barbara. According to Lacey, the Sussexes are now where they want to be.

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