Meghan Markle conspiracy theory: Duchess’ video allegedly shows fake pregnancy

Meghan Markle has been accused of faking her pregnancy when she was expecting her son, Archie.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s firstborn celebrated his first birthday earlier this month. However, over a year ago, there were too many speculations about the duchess’ pregnancy, with some accusing her of faking it.

There is one video that convinced many that Markle’s pregnancy was fake. However, one should note that there are no pieces of evidence to back such claims and the pregnancy rumors will remain speculations.

Meghan Markle allegedly faked her pregnancy

Meghan Markle earned a lot of loyal supporters and critics when she joined the royal family.

Unfortunately, things were harder when she was still a working royal because thousands of people were watching her every move.

Last year, a video of Markle during her second trimester of pregnancy made a buzz online. On Jan. 16, 2019, the duchess visited The Mayhew Animal Shelter in London.

Many were shocked when Markle sat down to play with a dog. She was wearing heels, and she stood up with ease after patting the dog. At the time, Markle was about five months along.

According to several netizens, pregnant women with a bulging stomach like Markle couldn’t do what she did. The clip convinced many that the duchess was faking her pregnancy.

Also, many noticed that when Markle stood up, there was a “pop” sound, and her stomach suddenly grew bigger. Thus, several concluded that Markle was wearing a baby bump.

Meghan Markle’s video sparks reaction

Meghan Markle’s video garnered several reactions from those who watched the clip. They believed that it was solid proof that the duchess’ pregnancy was fake.

“Holy moly, watch the bump pop out and make that noise! She looks down and touches it as it pops out. people need to see this.

Never mind squatting in heels with your knees closed. That’s actually not possible after the 4th month, no matter how much yoga you do. The uterus won’t allow it,” one wrote.

“You can literally see that thing pop back out and get bigger when she stands up!!! This is bizarre,” Jay Mann added.

“You can literally see if [sic] re inflate itself!” Eric M opined.

“NEVER seen a heavily pregnant woman crouching down like that.  Bloody impossible!!!  By an imposter,” Robs c commented.

“I’m sorry, but every time that I was pregnant, there was no way my baby belly would compress so that I could squat or bend like that,” Lady Bee added.

Meghan Markle conspiracy theory explained

Journalist and author Nell Frizzell investigated why many were convinced about Markle’s pregnancy. According to her, there are two reasons for the strange phenomenon: first, Markle being a woman of color, and second, her being a member of the royal family.

Also, she believed that the conspiracy theory had no basis and was more about “bias” and “racism.”

In Britain we simply are not publicly familiar with what pregnancy, birth and newborns look like for women of colour. It is a silence, created by capitalism, convention and unconscious bias,Frizzell wrote.

Image used courtesy of Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock

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