Meghan Markle contacted celebrities for her blog before Spotify podcast: Report

Meghan Markle contacted celebrities for her blog before Spotify podcast: Report

Meghan Markle allegedly knew how to use big names to get traffic and that was what she did for her now-defunct blog, The Tig.

Meghan Markle had a lifestyle blog called The Tig before she joined the royal family. She was also present on social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. However, she no longer maintains any of those months before she wed Prince Harry. But a new report visited her blog and compared her strategy to what she did with her Spotify podcast.

Meghan Markle allegedly contacted celebrities for her blog

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry signed a multi-million deal with Spotify. They launched Archewell Audio last year for a podcast series exclusive to Spotify. However, the couple has only uploaded one episode so far and it featured a lot of celebrities, Express reported.

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Markle knew that “big names drive traffic.” She allegedly surrounded herself with celebrities to promote her blog and her own personal profile.

“With the birth of The Tig, Meghan had her hands full, making sure that the new arrival was fed, watered and coddled,” Morton was quoted by Express as saying.

It was a full-time occupation and she reportedly stays awake until the early hours and looks for ideas on Instagram about what was trending, interesting and timely. The Duchess of Sussex also allegedly write the short, snappy content herself while “hustling anyone and everyone to get celebrities to answer the five questions that created the format for Tig Talk.”

Among the celebrities who appeared on her blog were fashion guru Joe Zee, model Jessica Stam, and interior designer Natasha Baradaran who talked about her favorite city, Milan.

Markle was also able to get model-turned-entrepreneur Heidi Klum to write for her blog.  The duchess reportedly contacted everyone she knew and hoping to get contact details for the America’s Got Talent judge and Klum replied.

Meghan and Prince Harry’s podcast

It has been a year since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle launched their podcast series. However, they have only uploaded one episode, Express noted. It was a holiday special in December where they got a lot of celebrity guests talking about their experience during the coronavirus pandemic.

Their celebrity pals shared what they learned about themselves, what was the hardest moment they encountered, what gave them hope, and how they would explain the pandemic to future generations.

The podcast lasts for about 34 minutes and the guests were talking most of the time. The outlet noted that the duchess used the same tactic of getting celebrity guests onboard the way she started her own blog, The Tig.

Image used courtesy of E! News/YouTube Screenshot

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