Meghan Markle, Crown Princess Mary have secret feud: Rumor

Meghan Markle, Crown Princess Mary have secret feud: Rumor

Meghan Markle and Crown Princess Mary are allegedly not on good terms because the two royals have a secret feud, according to a tabloid.

Meghan Markle and Crown Princess Mary share some similarities. Both are commoners who fell in love with a royal prince and moved abroad to join the royal family. But they have different perspectives, according to royal expert Phil Dampier.

Meghan Markle allegedly feuding with Crown Princess Mary

Meghan Markle and Crown Princess Mary had a secret feud, according to New Idea. The outlet published a report citing the similarities and differences of the former actress to the royal from Denmark.

It didn’t give details about Markle and Crown Princess Mary’s but cited royal expert Phil Dampier’s interview, where he discussed her relationship with the Cambridges and how she is similar but different from Markle.

One should note that Micky couldn’t verify the accuracy of the report.

Princess Mary “horrified” by Meghan Markle’s decision

Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family. They decided to work and be financially independent.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex flew to the United States after carrying out their final engagement. The Sussexes just closed a multi-million deal with Netflix, and they also appeared at various virtual conferences.

But Dampier believed that Crown Princess Mary wasn’t happy with Prince Harry and Markle’s decision to abandon their royal duties.

“I’m sure Mary looks at what Meghan has done and is horrified by it,” Phil says.

“Mary is dedicated to her role supporting Queen Margrethe and she must feel Harry and Meghan have let down Queen Elizabeth.”

Mary and Meghan’s differences

Phil Dampier went on and compared the two royals. For him, the two women are very different. The outlet also noted that the pundits were convinced that their move to leave the U.K. was for Meghan Markle to combine her established acting career and royal profile.

Dampier said the two were very different because if Mary was like Markle, she would have married Crown Prince Frederik and, within two years, lured him to return to Australia where they met and take him away from his family.

“I don’t think Mary has ever met Meghan, so she would not want to judge her too harshly, but I’m sure she won’t be impressed by her quitting the royal family after less than two years. I’m sure she thinks that Meghan has done the wrong thing,” Dampier added.


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