Meghan Markle ‘damaging’ British royal family further

Meghan Markle

A royal author believes that the privacy case of Meghan Markle is going to be “very damaging” for the British royal family and the public’s opinion of them.

Meghan Markle is suing the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online’s publisher, Associated Newspapers, after she and Prince Harry left the royal family in March.

In court documents, the 39-year-old claims that the tabloids published a private letter she wrote to her dad and misused it. She also claims that it is a breach of her copyright.

Royal author advised settling the case

Meanwhile, Associated Newspapers denied that they are in the wrong and are currently defending the case.

But royal author Ingrid Seward hopes somebody would give Meghan Markle a tip to settle the case since it would be very damaging to the British royal family and the public’s opinion of them.

She told the Daily Star, “Certainly in the public’s opinion it could be damaging. The royal family does, to some extent, rely on public opinion and what people think of them to function.”

She added that right now, the public is standing behind the royals, especially Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

“Time will tell how the case does or doesn’t affect that, but right now, the Royals are in good standing,” Seward explained.

Similar to Johnny Depp’s case against ex-wife Amber Heard and how it was so public and high-profile, Seward suggested that the Duchess of Sussex’s case should follow the same route.

Letting the public in on the details would do more harm than good.

“I think they will settle because I think it cannot be a Johnny Depp and Amber Heard situation, which would be multiplied by twenty.”

She expressed, “I’m sure her lawyers will advise her when giving evidence it would be a deeply unpleasant experience, and there will be no winners.”

Postponing the trial

Meghan Markle has requested to postpone the start of her court case that was scheduled for Jan. 11, 2021.

After reviewing the motions private, Judge Mark Warby ruled that it would be the right decision to postpone. The hearing is scheduled for next autumn.

The reason for the delay is still a mystery.

According to the former Suits star’s legal team, however, they are confident that their case is based on the laws’ facts.

A source told Elle, “We do not believe that the defense’s case has a chance of succeeding, and do not believe there is a compelling reason for trial.”

Image courtesy of Office of the Governor-General / CreativeCommons BY 4.0

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