Meghan Markle diva behavior exposed; Harry’s wife ‘rude’, ‘demanding’


Meghan Markle has reportedly earned the ‘princess’ nickname even before she married Prince Harry because of her diva behavior.

An industry videographer who had worked with Meghan Markle came forward to share his experience while working with the Duchess of Sussex. However, he no longer wished to work with Prince Harry’s wife because of her attitude.

Meghan Markle is acting like a diva

The videographer told Daily Mail that he worked with Meghan Markle a few years back for a promotional project in Toronto, Canada. However, he didn’t like how it was working with the former “Suits” star.

The unidentified professional videographer praised Markle for being a professional. Markle was reportedly very easy to shoot because she knew her job. But when there is no camera, she is “not the most friendly person.”

“She was very high maintenance and rude,” the videographer described Markle.

“She was difficult and demanding.”

Before he met Markle, the people already told him to get ready because she was “a lot.” Markle arrived wearing a cap and hiding her face.

“She was acting like a diva,” the videographer added.

It appeared to him that Markle didn’t want the people to see her. She gave the impression that she didn’t want to be photographed by paparazzi.

However, at the time, she was not that popular. The videographer didn’t know her.

Prince Harry’s wife allegedly shout at Kate Middleton’s staff

Aside from acting like a diva on set, there are claims that Meghan Markle was mean to staff. According to Tom Quinn, author of “Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir From Queen Mary To Meghan Markle,” she shouted at Kate Middleton’s staff.

The Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly horrified at how Middleton acted. Due to Markle’s behavior, she gained unflattering nicknames, including “Me Gain.” “Duchess of Difficult,” “Di 2,” and “Di Lite.”

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to Windsor and left Kensington Palace, the staff were relieved.

Twitter reacts to Meghan Markle’s diva behavior

Twitter users immediately reacted to claims that Markle was acting like a diva even before she married Prince Harry. Some were not surprised while others felt that it was old news.


Meanwhile, others didn’t believe the claims because it was from Daily Mail. Markle has an ongoing legal battle against the publication.

Just recently, Prince Harry and Markle decided to cut ties with four major tabloids from the U.K, and Daily Mail is among them. In their letter, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said there would be “no collaboration and zero engagement” between them moving forward. The other three outlets were Express, Mirror, and The Sun.

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