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Meghan Markle, Elon Musk, Julia Roberts Leaving L.A. explained: Tinseltown losing spark


Meghan Markle, Elon Musk and Julia Roberts are leaving Los Angeles and one explains why Tinseltown is losing its sparkle for stars.

Meghan Markle stayed in Los Angeles when she and Prince Harry moved to the U.S. However, the royal couple decided to purchase a home in Montecito, Santa Barbara. It turned out that they are not the only celebrities who decided to settle outside Hollywood.

Meghan Markle other celebs leaving L.A.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they are stepping down as senior members of the royal family, many are expecting Markle to return to Hollywood. Yes, she did, but the duchess wants a quiet home.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed for a couple of months at Tyler Perry’s mansion in L.A. However, when the royal couple purchased their own home, they decided to live farther from Tinseltown and settled in Montecito.

Several big celebrities including Julia Roberts, DJ Calvin Harris and Elon Musk are also leaving the place.

Hollywood has lost its sparkle

Andy Newton Lee, who ran visa and relocation firm Next Stop LAX, has already returned to the U.K. He helped many actors settle into Hollywood while they wait for opportunities to make it big in the industry. However, he also noticed that many are no longer interested in staying in the place.

“i worked for years helping celebs settle in but it’s not what it was. People aren’t as obsessed with living here as they used to be,” he told Sunday Mirror.

“Hollywood has lots some of its sparkle. The pandemic has changed everything. Celebs don’t love living in the smog any more.”

He added that it’s also harder to relocate and make a success in a world where everyone is competing for jobs and opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it tough and several agents have already gone out of business and many artists have left L.A.

Mental health problems amid the pandemic

Most actors are paid per job and when they have no job, they will not have money to stay in L.A. He believes that these issues could lead to mental health problems within the industry.

“Even the smallest of changes can have a massive impact on our health and well being. I am looking at what I eat and drink and how I can help my body to stay fit,” he said before adding that Yoga helps him incredibly.

Newton is also a yoga instructor. He is setting up a new business Next Stop Media Group.

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