Meghan Markle fake pregnancy rumors explained: Why many believed it?


Meghan Markle allegedly faked her pregnancy, and many believed that she did due to several incidents many found difficult to explain.

Meghan Markle has faced tons of criticisms and backlash after joining the royal family. When she was still expecting her son, Archie, her critics subjected her to various outrageous claims.

Meghan Markle pregnancy rumors revisited

Several claims were suggesting that Meghan Markle had a surrogate and was only wearing a moon bump. Many also took it against Markle that she kept on touching her baby bump.

To make the matter worse for the duchess, there were photos when her baby bump seemed to be on different sizes on the same day or days apart. Furthermore, the duchess’ flexibility to crouch on her second trimester of pregnancy made many questioned her pregnancy even more.

Gossip Cop listed the different incidents that prompted many to believe that Meghan Markle faked her pregnancy.

Different sizes of her baby bump

The Duchess of Sussex was photographed wearing a form-fitting black dress when she visited her patronage, Smart Works. In the photos, her tummy was of moderate size.

Four days later, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Feeding Birkenhead citizen supermarket and other community groups. At the time, she sported a purple dress that was much looser around the midsection, making her stomach appear much larger than days before.

According to the publication, Markle’s baby bump size appeared different due to her wardrobe. Her tighter, black dress held firm against her belly masking its shape. Meanwhile, the loose purple dress clung to her stomach, making her bump bigger, especially when she cradled it.


Duchess of Sussex was too flexible for a pregnant woman

Months before her due date, Prince Harry’s wife visited Mayhew, an animal shelter that was one of her patronages. She crouched to pet a dog while wearing heels. Markle also stood back with ease and unassisted.

Markle’s photo and video crouching convinced many that she was not pregnant. Even moms, themselves, couldn’t believe that she just crouched with ease.

However, the publication noted that Markle was only four or five months along when she did it. Also, she is an active yoga practitioner which might have helped her to be extra flexible than most expectant moms.

Markle’s mom, Doria Ragland, has worked as a yoga instructor for many years. The former Suits star grew up doing yoga. The publication noted that it appeared reasonable for someone with that experience to still crouch down at that stage of pregnancy.

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy rumors false

Meghan Markle didn’t use a moon bump or had a surrogate during her pregnancy. The duchess gained weight, and it took her quite some time to return to her pre-baby figure.

Markle also showed signs of postpartum depression, which is something many moms experience after giving birth.

In an interview after Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Archie visited South Africa, the former actress was very emotional. Markle said, “not many people have asked if I’m OK.”

According to Insider, sleep deprivation and drastic hormone changes make mothers more susceptible to developing mental illness. Even new moms who don’t develop a mental illness sometimes feel lonely and rattled.

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