Meghan Markle fled with $10 million worth of jewels rumor debunked

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Meghan Markle allegedly left the U.K. with $10 million worth of jewels, according to an outlet.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have stepped down from their royal duties in 2020. They have been living in the United States for over a year to live a private life, but there are still many false reports about them. Gossip Cop laid out the different rumors involving Markle and the other royals, check it out.

Meghan Markle left with $10M worth of jewels during Megxit rumor

Meghan Markle left U.K. with jewels worth $10 million, National Enquirer reported. The accessories were reportedly Princess Diana’s.

The outlet alleged that Markle was asked to return the jewelry but refused to do so. The Duchess of Sussex also allegedly demanded to get Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that previously belonged to the late Princess of Wales.

The outlet went on and claimed that Markle wanted an emerald tiara for her wedding day. However, she was stuck with a diamond one.

All the claims were not true. Gossip Cop examined it and concluded that the report was only published to assassinate Markle’s character. 

Also, the duchess explained earlier that the tiara she used on her big day was her choice. So the rumors painting Markle as someone obsessed with royal jewels are not true.

Prince Charles and Prince William allegedly want to seize the throne

Prince Charles will be ruling over the monarchy and that is a fact. However, Life & Style previously claimed that he had to argue with the Queen about his future role because Her Majesty allegedly wanted to leave the throne to her grandson, Prince William.

The Duke of Cambridge allegedly wanted to be the next king and was accusing his father of killing his mom, Princess Diana, Globe reported.

Prince William allegedly confronted his father saying, “You killed my mother! I have proof!” He also allegedly told his dad that he was not fit to rule.

Gossip Cop also debunked the story because it lacked believability and evidence. First, the Queen cannot change their hierarchy. She has no say who will be the next king and could not just appoint anyone.

Second, Prince William made it clear in a past interview that he has no plans to rule before his father. It is clear that the duke has no intention of stealing the throne from the Prince of Wales.

Furthermore, Prince William and Prince Charles have always maintained a respectful relationship. The claim that the Duke of Cambridge confronted his father and yelled at hime, telling him, he is unfit to rule, seemed very unlikely for Kate Middleton’s husband to do.

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