Meghan Markle for President? Royals doesn’t want someone with political motives

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It seems like Meghan Markle may not be returning as a senior of the British royal family soon.

Meghan Markle has recently been very outspoken about the upcoming presidential elections.

The former actress and her husband, Prince Harry, have now planted their roots in Santa Barbara, California, and their one-year-old son, Archie.

From urging Americans to vote for the upcoming elections to chats in her backyard with important political figures, the Los Angeles native is clearly making the most of her new political freedom.

Meghan not returning to the royal family, expert says

Royal expert Penny Juror spoke to The Mirror and claimed she doesn’t see Meghan finding her way back to The Firm.

“What she discovered in her brief spell as a working member, is the British royal family is no place for someone with political ambitions.”

Instead, the expert thinks that what the Duchess of Sussex saw was a “centuries-old institution” known for their charitable work by changing and improving lives.

Additionally, it is “not the springboard for changing the world; however, the burning and evident the need.”

Meghan Markle seems to be the type of someone who likes the latter to happen.

Prince Harry’s ambitions

Meanwhile, Junor pointed out that perhaps politics may not be Prince Harry’s forte.

She believes that the Duke of Sussex’s passion and talent is more about helping people.

“Because he had such a difficult childhood, he could empathize with others in a similar boat.”

She further claims that the 36-year-old Prince can easily get along with people of different ages and backgrounds.

Prince Harry is also known to be a natural-born leader, similar to his brother, Prince William.

He knows how to make people laugh and can easily motivate people by earning their respect.

‘Meghan Markle for President 2020’?

Twenty-seven days before the elections, a website called ‘Meghan for President 2020’ has appeared.

It is believed to have been set up by fans of the 39-year-old mom filled with pictures of her meeting influential people.

The tagline of her so-called campaign is “Together, we will lead.”

The site also features inspiring quotes she said in her past speeches. There are also fabricated messages explaining her decision to be the next President.

According to Express UK, the fake messages include, “With your support, I believe we can bring equality, empowerment, and kindness to this dangerous, aggressive and confrontational world we live in.”

Fans of the Duchess are hoping that it’s true, as they want a real leader. Some are suggesting that this kind of move would really lead to their royal titles being dropped.

Others think that Meghan Markle “wanting” to become President and actually “becoming” one are two different things.

Image courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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