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Meghan Markle lied to Prince Harry about her family, half-sister claims


Samantha Markle recently exposed more details regarding her ongoing feud with Meghan Markle.

In her book, The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, Samantha claimed that Meghan Markle changed a lot.

“I found myself having to separate the sister that I loved and the sister I loathed with all my heart. It would have been more comfortable to be on an ancient torture stretch rack,” the source said.

Did Meghan Markle lie to Prince Harry?

Samantha also accused Markle of lying to Prince Harry about not having a family.

She added that Prince Harry’s statement about the royal family being the family that Markle never had was the ultimate insult.

“Meghan has somehow snowed Harry into believing she did not have a family or we were not there for her,” she said.

However, Samantha insisted that she and her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., were there for the Duchess of Sussex throughout her life.

Did Meghan Markle ask Thomas Markle to disown her half-siblings?

The author also accused her half-sister of trying to convince their dad to disown her other siblings.

And when Thomas refused to do so, Markle decided to not invite all of them to her royal wedding.

“It was glaring to me that she probably told Harry a bunch of whoppers about her life and if the family came to the wedding, the ‘cat would be out of the bag.’ For her to force our father to disown her sister who has struggled with MS for most of her adult life and used an electronic wheelchair and older brother, was so unimaginably cruel,” she said.

Samantha Markle thinks couple’s marriage will end soon

Following her shocking revelations, National Enquirer claimed that more things are going on in Samantha’s head even though she claimed to have edited some parts of her book.

“However, don’t think that her feelings have thawed much. The truth is she thinks Meghan’s a ruthless monster. She’s convinced Meghan and Harry’s marriage is doomed. She believes Meghan will eventually dump Harry like she did her first husband. Sam says she can never forgive Meghan for the way she’s treated their dad… I believe she’s planning to get the very last word in her promised second book,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, their claims about Meghan Markle and Samantha are just based on hearsays.

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