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Meghan Markle is ‘lying’ about her age, royal fans claimed


Is Meghan Markle “lying” about her age?

Meghan Markle recently celebrated her 39th birthday in their new home in the United States. Reports said that she wanted to mark her day “privately,” alongside her family.

Unlike her previous birthdays, she did not have friends over in their home. Instead, she, reportedly, spent the whole day with Prince Harry, Archie Harrison, and Doria Ragland.

Meghan Markle wanted an “intimate” celebration

An insider told Us Weekly how Meghan Markle and the rest of the family celebrated the Duchess’ special day. During the day, they, reportedly, spent time together. But, later that day, her mother looked after Archie to give the Sussex couple their “free time” alone together, the source added.

The publication said that Prince Harry prepared a three-course dinner for his wife. Although it was, reportedly, his idea to cook, his mother-in-law helped him in the preparation.

He, also, “organized” a huge chocolate cake with icing sugar covering, as well as balloons. As for his gift, the insider revealed that he gave Meghan a necklace that he designed, alongside a framed photo of them that he previously took.

British Royals sent their greetings

Despite being far away from the United Kingdom, members of the British Royal Family wished her a “very happy birthday.” Using their official social media accounts, they posted photos of Meghan Markle with their short, yet “sweet” messages, according to The Blast.

Amid the whole Finding Freedom debacle, Prince William and Kate Middleton were some of the British Royals, who sent their greetings to the Duchess of Sussex. Similarly, Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also did the same thing. Queen Elizabeth, later on, posted a photo of her with her granddaughter-in-law to pay tribute to her.

Is she “lying” about her age?

In the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s post for Meghan Markle’s birthday, many of the comments posed questions and interests about the Duchess of Sussex’s birthday, according to Cheat Sheet. As noted, the majority of these royal fans believe that she is “lying” about her real age.

They, reportedly, said that she does not look 39. One netizen even asserted that she looked 47-years-old. As for others, they pointed out that most of the Duchess’ batchmates are already in their 40s.

The publication, then, added that Meghan Markle previously revealed that, in Hollywood, many people “encourage” actresses about not revealing their real ages. Although she has not clarified whether she did it or not, she said that she is “comfortable” with her age.

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