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Meghan Markle made Harry choose between her, William, Kate Middleton


Meghan Markle, allegedly, made Prince Harry choose between her and the Cambridges after realizing how much influence they had over her husband.

While speaking with New Idea, royal biographer Howard Hodgson said that it was inevitable that Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle would alienate the royal family.

“She wanted to be the influence over Harry, and she did not want William or Kate to have that. William had a tremendous influence over Harry, so of course, he had to go! Really, she was going to say, ‘you make your mind up, me or them,’” he said.

Meghan Markle’s concern isn’t the royal family

The royal biographer also said that the Suits alum was adamant at going back to the United States. After all, Markle, allegedly, wants to be in Hollywood. And there were previous claims suggesting that what the Duchess of Sussex wants, she gets.

“Her concern isn’t the royal family… it’s actually her celebrity. And those two things don’t mix,” Hodgson said.

The expert also commented on Markle’s sister-in-law and called Middleton impeccable. He also said that the Duchess of Cambridge is exactly what the doctor ordered as a credit to her dedication to the monarchy.

Kate Middleton allegedly accusing Meghan Markle of spreading rumors

Meghan Markle and Middleton are also in the headlines this week amid rumors that the latter is accusing the former of spreading fake stories about her.

Last week, Tatler published a story about Prince William and Middleton. And Kensington Palace debunked it by saying that the article contains a swathe of inaccuracies.

New Idea claimed that Middleton was so upset by the article. And she couldn’t help but wonder who would say such negative things about her.

“But now she suspects this has Meghan’s fingerprints – or at least those of her mouthy friends – all over it,” the publication reported.

However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm these hearsays as of this writing.

Prince William, Kate Middleton allegedly upset

Daily Mail, reportedly, spoke to an insider that claimed to know Prince William and Middleton’s thoughts about the article. The royal couple, allegedly, thinks that it was disgusting work.

“That is such an extremely cruel and wounding barb. It’s disgusting. It’s sexist and woman-shaming at its very worst. The piece is full of lies. There is no truth to their claim that the Duchess feels overwhelmed with work, nor that the Duke is obsessed with Carole Middleton. It’s preposterous and downright wrong,” the source said.

But just like the other claims above, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays about Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Middleton are correct.

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