Meghan Markle met Jameela Jamill after actress’s remark against Prince Andrew

Meghan Markle, reportedly, met her new friend, Jameela Jamil, after the latter made a remark against Prince Andrew on Twitter.

Meghan Markle became friends with the 34-year-old actress when she made her a part of her 15 Forces for Change. Prince Harry’s wife guest-edited the September issue of Vogue then when she was still a senior royal.

A straightforward remark against Prince Andrew

Jamill, along with her boyfriend, James Blake, visited the Sussexes at their Montecito home.

But before the two women met, the BBC Radio 1 former presenter made an explicit remark against Prince Andrew.

In a tweet, she called Prince Harry’s uncle a “pedo,” and a friend of a sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein.

Jamill came to Meghan’s defense following the accusations she breached royal protocol by saying her political opinions, The Sun noted.

“I think they may be more embarrassed by their alleged resident pedo Andrew who was besties with a sex trafficker,” she said. “Than an American supporting women voting in her own country and loosely referencing the importance of democracy.”

The model believed Meghan was a target of online scrutiny because “she was not white.”

“And because she’s smart, strong, opinionated, rebellious, beautiful, happy and has everything they never will,” she continued. “She’s a terrifying threat to patriarchy because she doesn’t fit the stereotype for women.”

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😍😍 Meghan made an online appearance at the Girl Up Leadership Summit on Tuesday afternoon, as she gave an inspiring keynote speech on youth empowerment. In her moving speech, Meghan said: "Your generation is often referred to as digital natives, and you understand that our online world has the power to affirm and support as much as it does to harm. We are not meant to be breaking each other down; we are meant to be building each other up. "So use your voice both on and offline to do just that – build each other up, support each other," she added. "There will always be negative voices and sometimes those voices can appear to be outsized, and sometimes they can appear to be painfully loud. You can and will use your own voices to drown out the noise. Because that’s what it is – just noise. But your voices are those of truth. And hope. And your voices can and should be much louder."

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Coming to the defense of Meghan Markle

In another tweet, Jamill said Meghan brought out the real “colonizing spirit of Britain’s white patriarchal media.”

“While thoroughly disturbing, it’s also illuminating to no longer be gaslit by their formerly more insidious approach to otherizing and demonizing POC,” she said. “They hate a disobedient WOC in particular.”

After the former actress encouraged the U.S. public to vote, there were calls for Queen Elizabeth II to strip off her royal title.

Insider reported that Piers Morgan and two other U.K. politicians requested her title’s removal after Meghan joined the When Women Vote conference.

In her virtual appearance, she said people who would not vote would be “complicit.” Although she did not directly express her political views, she warned people knew “what was at stake” in this year’s election.

Jamill, boyfriend’s visit to Meghan, Prince Harry

A source told The Sun Jamill drove up to Montecito with Blake to visit Prince Harry and Meghan.

The couple also went for a beach stroll, although the royal couple did not join them.

The beach was, reportedly, only a short distance away from the Sussexes’ Santa Barbara mansion.

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