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Meghan Markle miscarriage admission received mixed opinions on Twitter


Meghan Markle admitted that she suffered a miscarriage four months ago, and Twitter users had mixed opinions about the matter.

Meghan Markle requested to move the trial for her privacy case against Mail on Sunday, prompting rumors that she’s pregnant. However, in an op-ed for The New York Times, the Duchess of Sussex just admitted that she suffered a miscarriage. The netizens have mixed opinions about the issue.

Meghan Markle suffered a miscarriage

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expecting their second child, but they lost it in July. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who stepped down from their royal duties in January, are quietly living in their $14 million mansion in Santa Barbara.

The couple who received an intense backlash during the election for allegedly supporting Joe Biden were actually grieving after losing their second baby months ago. In her piece, Markle shared the heartbreaking experience and how they cried while holding each other’s hands after the miscarriage.

Netizens criticized Markle for sharing

A number of netizens sympathized with Meghan Markle for what happened during her second pregnancy. But many also slammed the duchess for sharing the incident, which they felt should have been a private matter.

“Not all grief needs to be made public knowledge!! I thought they wanted privacy, yet here they are inviting the world into what should be a private matter. Many mums lose, they dont invite the media in to announce,” one commented.

“On one hand she does not want the press to intrude into her private life & has even take them to court over it but here she’s revealing a deeply personal detail on her own,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, another netizen doubted Markle’s revelations saying she had a hard time believing in the former actress’ “PR machine spits out.” The same netizen said that the people felt for Chrissy Teigen’s loss because she was genuine while questioning Markle’s reputation for allegedly telling lies before.

A different user also wondered why Markle shared it only after four months. The same netizen accused Markle of using the issue for publicity.

Netizens showered Meghan with love and support

While others slammed Meghan Markle for sharing such a private matter, several also showered her with love and supportive messages. For those questioning why she only shared the incident after four months, Markle’s supporters explained that grieving had no expiration date.

For those, who questioned Markle for sharing it and advised the duchess to just kept it private, they said the decision depends on the person. Keeping it private is fine, and choosing to share it is not wrong either.

“Miscarriages are neither taboo, nor swept under the carpet. They’re simply something that many people CHOOSE to keep private. With that said, it is perfectly fine for people to CHOOSE to share their experience with others,” one netizen commented defending Markle.

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