Meghan Markle looks ‘more trustworthy’ than Queen Elizabeth?

Meghan Markle looks 'more trustworthy' than Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle place on the opposite ends of the list of the most popular British Royals.

Meghan Markle continues to spark controversies even after her exit from the British Monarchy. Since she joined the royal firm, she has faced tons of scrutiny from the press and public.

While many reportedly love the idea of a Hollywood actress marrying a British Prince at first, the adoration did not seemingly last long. Months after she and Prince Harry went public, they have since caught negative headlines and criticisms.

Despite this, though, a new study finds that the Duchess of Sussex looks “more trustworthy” than Queen Elizabeth, according to Cheat Sheet. The study, which used a “face-scanning algorithm,” compared portraits of the former actress and the British Monarch against Queen Elizabeth I.

The methodology and results of the study

Experts from PSL Research University created an algorithm to “determine” a person’s trustworthiness based on portraits and photographs. The creators discovered that the trustworthiness of a person has improved as the living standards develop.

In testing the portraits of Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth I, the results showed that she appears “three and a half times” more trustworthy than the late British Monarch. But, in the case of the reigning British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II appears only “one and a half times” more trustworthy than her predecessor.

Aside from the British Royals, the study also conducted the same measures toward politicians outside the United Kingdom. These include Donald Trump against Joe Biden and Barack Obama in contrast to Vladimir Putin.

Is Meghan Markle more trustworthy than the Queen?

The authors of the study explained that the algorithm does not “assess trustworthiness in itself.” What it analyzes is the “qualities and traits” of the subject based on their portraits.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a researcher from the French National Centre for Scientific Research said that it is likely that Meghan Markle is “not a trustworthy” person. But, her appearance in her portrait makes her look like one, Nicolas Baumard added.

The Duchess of Sussex is one of the “most unpopular” royals

Queen Elizabeth remains the “most popular” British Royal in almost all polls. Reports said that there is no surprise to this, as many people love her.

Meanwhile, Prince Andrew is the only royal who is “more unpopular” than Meghan Markle, according to the Daily Express. The report came after a poll, which surveyed 1,005 individuals across ages and political lines. 29% of the total surveyed population viewed her “negatively,” placing her just above the Duke of York.

Featured image courtesy of Real Royalty/YouTube

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