Meghan Markle branded as the ‘most disliked’ British royal

Meghan Markle branded as the 'most disliked' British royal

Sources reportedly deemed Meghan Markle as the “most disliked” royal.

Meghan Markle is one of the “most-watched” women around the globe. Although her career in Hollywood has placed her in the spotlight, her marriage to Prince Harry has become the bigger reason for her apparent fame today.

Since their dating period, the media and public’s eyes were all on her. This did not seemingly change but rather intensified when she officially became part of the British Royal Family.

While many fans and supporters reportedly deemed it as a “dream come true” for the former actress, reports said that her life as a royal did not become a fairytale. As it happens, she is now the “most disliked” royal, according to EnStars.

Meghan Markle deemed a “gold-digger”

Before their engagement and wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were always on top of various headlines. Although the majority of the reports were positive, there were a few shocking claims about the now-Duchess of Sussex.

As reported, she received a “wave” of “abuse and harassment” because of her links to the royal-born Prince. There were even claims that people started to call her a “gold-digger” and a “user.”

Despite these allegations, though, the criticisms she received back then could not compare to what she has today. The publication said that this is because the public largely dislikes and hates her.

She becomes the “most disliked” royal

Upon her emergence to the royal fold, Meghan Markle reportedly received warmth and love from the British royals. However, the case was reportedly different for the followers and watchers. As stated, many thought of her as a “trying hard” celebrity who wants to become the next Princess Diana.

Aside from these assertions, her alleged feud with Kate Middleton and Prince William has also become one of the reasons why the public dislikes her, as per claims. Along with the “tension” with the Cambridges, there is also the rumor of her being a “demanding” and “difficult” person to work with. Several royal aids left their posts after experiencing working with the Duchess of Sussex, according to Now To Love.


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Then came, Megxit

The press and media have used the term Megxit to refer to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit. As explained, the majority of them link the controversial exit to the Duchess of Sussex. Hence, the name.

Months before the bombshell announcement, the former actress also gave a shocking and emotional interview with ITV‘s Tom Bradby. Following her statements, many individuals’ dislike for her even grew since she has reportedly brought her acting skills inside the British Monarchy.

To date, despite living privately in the United States, controversies and allegations about Meghan Markle have remained apparent. Accordingly, reports said that the way that the public sees her remains the same.


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