Meghan Markle, other royal have mutual animosity, royal biographer claims

Meghan Markle, other royal have mutual animosity, royal biographer claims

Meghan Markle and another royal are allegedly having a mutual animosity, according to royal biographer Robert Lacey claimed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for two years already. However, her entrance in the royal family spawned rumors that Prince Harry and Prince William had a falling-out.

Lacey who just released a new book about the royal siblings said someone in the palace hates Markle and the feeling is mutual.

Meghan Markle vs unnamed royal

Robert Lacey detailed Prince Harry and Prince William’s alleged falling-out in his book Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the author said someone from the palace hated Meghan Markle. And the feeling was allegedly mutual.

“There was personal animosity in the palace towards Meghan — and the feeling is mutual,” Lacey said per Express.

However, Lacey refused to name the royal. But the mutual animosity only means that there was no lost love between Markle and that royal.

“There was somebody in the palace — and I can’t name them — who hated Meghan. There is no love lost there.”

Prince Harry and Prince William’s alleged feud

Meghan Markle received an intense backlash from the public when her royal romance with Prince Harry made headlines. Many disapproved of her for Prince Harry because she is a divorcee. Meanwhile, a few didn’t like that she is a woman of color.

Prince William also disapproved of Markle but his concern was different. The future king felt that they were rushing their romance. They barely knew each other and Prince Harry already wanted to marry her.

The Duke of Cambridge advised his younger to take their time and slow down. But Prince Harry didn’t like what he heard. He allegedly felt that Prince William wasn’t supportive of his decision.

Lacey said the two were fighting over something intensely important to them. Prince William was concerned about the future of the monarchy, so he wanted Prince Harry to take his time in choosing a bride. Meanwhile, Prince Harry was standing by the woman he loved.

Prince Harry infuriated

Prince William did all he can to convince Prince Harry to slow down with his decision in marrying Meghan Markle. However, the younger royal already made up his mind.

The second in line to the throne decided to ask Princess Diana’s brother Uncle Charles Spencer’s help. The move only infuriated Prince Harry further. He didn’t like it because Prince William allegedly involved other people in the matter.

But Lacey said Spencer played an honorary godfather to them. He has been involved in their lives. Prince Harry didn’t blame his uncle for intervening but was reportedly furious at Prince William.

Image used courtesy of  ET Canada/YouTube Screenshot

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