Meghan Markle planning three-day birthday party without Kate: rumor

Meghan Markle planning a three-day birthday party without Kate: rumor

Meghan Markle is, allegedly, planning a three-day birthday party with her closest friends and Prince Harry.

According to In Touch Weekly, Markle is planning a $220,000 party amid the coronavirus pandemic. And she doesn’t, allegedly, have any plans to invite Kate Middleton to her bash.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that Middleton isn’t upset over the snub. She couldn’t be happier not to have been invited because she wouldn’t have to live up to Markle’s standards.

Meghan Markle is allegedly annoying her friends with her outrageous demands

Meghan Markle is allegedly annoying her friends with her outrageous demands

The insider also said that even though Markle’s party is still in the planning stages, her friends are already annoyed because of her outrageous demands. The Duchess of Sussex is, allegedly, requiring her guests to undergo rapid COVID-19 tests.

Markle doesn’t also want her friends to take photos and videos at her party to preserve its privacy. As such, she’s asking them not to bring their mobile phones or to surrender them at the entrance.

Did Meghan Markle ask her friends to sign NDAs?

Additionally, Markle has also asked her friends to sign non-disclosure agreements to make sure that details from her bash won’t be released to the public.

“There will be spa treatments, amazing meals made by one of California’s top chefs, and the most expensive champagne. And Meghan wants everyone to wear a black tie in the evenings. It sounds more like the Oscars than a birthday party. Guests will even go home with $500 goody bags,” the source said.

Prince Harry is allegedly mortified with his wife’s birthday plans

According to the source, Prince Harry is not thrilled with his wife’s birthday plans. And he doesn’t have any plans to pay for the $220,000 party because he’s struggling with his finances.

“He’d do something like that again if he could – Harry may be a prince, but he’s incredibly low-maintenance. He was horrified by her grand plans and goodness knows where he’s going to find the money to pay for it! They aren’t exactly raking it in these days. Her prima donna behavior is driving him up the wall,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims. First, the tabloid once again tried to create an issue between Markle and Middleton when there’s none.

Second, the tabloid is trying to present the Duchess of Sussex as a diva with outrageous demands. However, this isn’t entirely true either.

As of late, Meghan Markle has not shared her 39th birthday plans with Prince Harry and Archie. In the previous years, she didn’t share her birthday plans beforehand.

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