Meghan Markle planning to run for president in U.S? Duchess ambitious move revealed


Meghan Markle expanded her ambitions even more after she and Prince Harry did not earn money for their projects.

A new public relations expert claimed that Meghan Markle might try running for president in the U.S. soon.

After Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down from their senior royal posts, the monarchy also stopped giving them financial assistance. This led the couple to seek jobs in the U.S. while promoting their organizations and projects.

They chose the U.S. as the place where they could build the brand they failed to establish in the U.K.

But to continue what they started, an author suggested that the duchess might aim for the White House soon.

Meghan: From Duchess to President?

Per Mark Borkowski, Meghan has expansive goals and desire which may push her to run for president.

The expert noted to GB News that the duchess already showed the signs of her growing desire to lead. It is worth noting that the couple already purchased domain names of their daughter Lilibet even before they asked Queen Elizabeth II for her approval of the name.

“I don’t think [Harry and Meghan] can ever really recover, particularly to an older audience, a boomer audience, here,” Borkowski said, as quoted by Express. “The question is whether or not the younger audience, the Gen Z’s, people who completely emphasise with their arguments about some mental health issues and diversity.

He then predicted that it would be a large and competitive brand. Still, Meghan herself thinks they cannot find the whopping amount of money they need in the U.K.

Instead of working hard as a royal, Meghan might, reportedly, enter the U.S. presidency in years to come.

It was not the first time rumors about Meghan Markle’s presidency goals emerged. Earlier this year, the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly, started talking with prominent Democrat people.

A senior Labor Party member also disclosed to Mail on Sunday that Meghan began working with Democrats to create campaign teams.

However, Meghan only plans to run in 2024 if the current U.S President Joe Biden would not choose to continue for his second term.

The decision supported the claims about the alleged brutal showdown the duchess wants against Buckingham Palace. The institution dropped a bomb when it announced that it launched an investigation to prove whether or not Meghan Markle truly bullied royal staff.

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