Meghan Markle pregnant, urging Amal Clooney to throw another baby shower: Rumor

Meghan Markle is, allegedly, pregnant, and she wants her friend, Amal Clooney, to throw her a baby shower.

Before her son’s birth, Meghan Markle had a lavish baby shower in New York. According to reports, Clooney was one of the people that organized the gathering.

Meghan Markle wants a bigger and more expensive baby shower

Now, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Markle wants an even bigger and better baby shower for baby number two.

“Since Amal helped plan the first and knows what Meghan likes, she’s the obvious choice to throw this one. The cost could hit $1 million,” the source said.

Duchess of Sussex, Duchess of Cambridge pregnant at the same time

The tabloid also claimed that Markle and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton are pregnant at the same time. And they recently found out that they are expecting baby girls.

But unlike the Duchess of Sussex, Middleton, allegedly, wants a smaller baby shower at home with only her family and a few friends.

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton feuding over baby's nursery, clothes, name

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton feuding over baby’s nursery, clothes, name

Since Markle and Middleton are, allegedly, pregnant at the same time, they initially managed to get along. But things went back to how they were before quickly.

The sister-in-law allegedly started arguing over who should be able to name their daughter Diana. Prince William’s wife, allegedly, thinks she has more right to use the name since she’s been part of the royal family for almost a decade.

However, Prince Harry’s wife also, allegedly, thinks that she has every right to use the name because she’s also married to a royal.

Other than their baby’s names, Meghan Markle and Middleton are also, allegedly, trying to make sure that their baby’s nurseries are different.

The Duchess of Sussex, allegedly, wants to spend a huge sum of money on an African-themed nursery. Middleton, on the other hand, wants something more traditional since she, allegedly, has old-fashioned taste.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives are also, allegedly, competing when it comes to their baby’s clothes. Markle, allegedly, wants to dress her baby in designer clothes, but Middleton thinks this isn’t practical.

“In Kate’s mind, it would be a total waste of money to spend money on new baby gear when she has everything already. Meghan’s the opposite. Most of her baby clothes are designer – Burberry, Gucci, and Stella McCartney – and brand new. She didn’t chuck Archie’s old clothes. She donated most of them to charity and having a little girl to dress up is always exciting for mothers to be,” the source said.

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Meghan Markle isn’t asking Clooney to throw her second baby shower because she’s not pregnant.

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