Meghan Markle, Prince Harry exploited Princess Diana rumor debunked

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry exploited Princess Diana rumor debunked

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry allegedly exploited his mom Princess Diana’s death and life, tabloids claimed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to live their lives on their own terms. However, many seemed to take offense with their choices. And the royal couple has been plagued with various false rumors.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revenge documentary rumor

Star published a report claiming that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are going to receive millions from Hollywood executives for a new documentary about Princess Diana’s death. Prince Harry allegedly holds a grudge because his father and grandmother did not do enough.

The documentary will reportedly allow him to control the narrative about Princess Diana’s death. The tabloid accused the Duke of Sussex of exploiting his mom’s death.

Meanwhile, National Enquirer claimed that the royal couple is working on a conspiracy theory-focused film for Netflix. 

“Hollywood knows there’s one story the public really wants him to tell. His own,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

Another similar narrative was published by Woman’s Day. The outlet painted Meghan Markle as the clear villain. 

The duchess allegedly threatened the royal family for a documentary about the late Princess of Wales worth $75 million. The tabloid added that it would be nothing but a vanity project for Markle.

Rumors debunked

Royal fans should take the rumors attacking Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a grain of salt.  Gossip Cop looked into those stories and debunked it.

The rumor-debunking site pointed out that it was Star that exploited Princes Harry. First, he doesn’t need the money. Second, he just honored his mom with a statue on her what would have been her 60th birthday earlier this month.

Also, several tabloids have attacked the Duchess of Sussex and made her look like she was the villain. There were several reports alleging that she threatened the royal family following the Megxit. However, there was no concrete evidence that she did.

Moreover, although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said some things about the royal family that raised some eyebrows, they were never the type to use Princess Diana. Prince William and his younger brother have always been very protective of their mom’s memory and legacy.

In fact, Prince Harry said he was cut off by Prince Charles financially after Megxit. But the money he inherited from Princess Diana helped him and his family make it through during the transition.

“I have what my mum left me and without that, we wouldn’t have been able to do this,” Prince Harry said.

The royal prince added that it looked like his mom knew what was coming and had been with them the whole time. He added that the multi-million deals with Netflix and Spotify were never part of their plans.

Image used courtesy of BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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